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Ginger Rogers in The Major And The Minor Available on Blu-ray September 24th From Arrow Academy

Ginger Rogers in The Major And The Minor will be available on Blu-ray September 24th From Arrow Academy

From one of Hollywood s most acclaimed auteurs, Billy Wilder, comes the charming comedy classic The Major and the Minor.

Legendary actress and dancer Ginger Rogers (Monkey Business) stars as Susan Applegate, a struggling young woman who pretends to be an 11-year old girl in order to buy a half-price train ticket. Fleeing the conductors, she hides in the compartment of Major Philip Kirby. The Major believes Susan is a child and takes her under his wing, but when they arrive at the military academy where Kirby teaches, his fiancée (Rita Johnson) grows suspicious of Susan’s ruse…

Co-written by Wilder and Charles Brackett (Hold Back the Dawn), The Major and the Minor assumes the guise of a light romance narrative in order to cleverly explore themes of identity and deception. Wilder
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The Front Runner review – evasive account of Gary Hart's downfall

Hugh Jackman stars as the Us Democrat whose presidential ambitions were scuppered by allegations of misbehaviour aboard the Monkey Business

Is there any point now in remembering Gary Hart? He was the Democrats’ plausible and photogenic Us presidential candidate in 1988, the front runner who abandoned his campaign after press allegations of an extramarital affair. Was he, like the charismatic Irish nationalist leader Charles Stewart Parnell, a lost prince of progressive American politics – a man who might have saved his country from the complacent Bush dynasty? Or was he just another withdrawn brand in what Gore Vidal called the eternally dull Pepsi/Coke choice of American democracy?

It’s not easy to tell from Jason Reitman’s clotted and evasive movie, starring Hugh Jackman in a hairpiece as Hart. The film somehow shows its hero as a tiresome and sanctimonious figure while piously averting its eyes from his misdemeanour, the one
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The Front Runner – Review

Hugh Jackman stars as Gary Hart in Columbia PicturesThe Front Runner.

Hugh Jackman gives a powerful, complex performance as Gary Hart, an idealistic and charismatic presidential candidate who seemed a shoo-in for the 1988 Democratic nomination until media frenzy over a rumor of an extramarital affair brought his campaign to an abrupt halt. If one-time presidential candidate Gary Hart is recalled at all now, it is as the politician who was so confident of his position as front-runner, that he invited the media to follow him around, which led to the discovery of an affair. That story isn’t exactly true, something Jason Reitman’s political thriller/drama The Front Runner corrects, but Gary Hart is not the real subject of this gripping political thriller. The Front Runner is really about the media, particularly the sudden historical point at which the way the media covered politicians changed, and what that
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‘The Front Runner’ Review: The Election That Changed Everything

In 1988, Gary Hart was the front runner for the Democratic ticket to face George H.W. Bush for the presidency. Unfortunately, Hart made a few poor choices, mostly involving model and pharmaceutical saleswoman Donna Rice, and the fall out from that tryst not only created the first tabloid scandal to be covered by big outlets like the Washington Post and New York Times, but it sank Hart's campaign quicker than a Howard Dean scream.

In the new film, The Front Runner, Hugh Jackman stars as Gary Hart, a Senator from Colorado that had the nation buzzing. Vera Farmiga stars as Lee, his wife, and Sara Paxton stars as Donna Rice. These three principal characters are the focus of the film, even if Paxton's Rice doesn't even get her face on-screen until the end of the second act. The film opens with Hart losing the Democratic bid in 1984 to Walter Mondale,
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Through ‘The Front Runner,’ Hugh Jackman Gets To Know Elusive Politician Gary Hart

  • Deadline
Through ‘The Front Runner,’ Hugh Jackman Gets To Know Elusive Politician Gary Hart
Since hanging up his claws as Wolverine in spectacular fashion with Logan, Hugh Jackman has been exploring. He returned to his first love, musical theatre, last year for the blockbusting The Greatest Showman, and now tackles perhaps the meatiest role of his career to date as 1988 Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart. Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner follows the three weeks it took Hart’s leading campaign for the Democratic ticket to implode when reports surfaced of an extramarital affair. It was a changing point for American politics, Jackman says, but getting to know the elusive politician proved challenging.

How did you get this script?

Well, it came to me via Jason Reitman. It was the old-fashioned script to the agent, agent sends it on. Of course my inner monologue is, “Please like this. Please like this. Please like this.” Because I just love Jason’s films. I love everything about him.
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Film News: Closing Night film of 54th Chicago International Film Festival is ‘The Front Runner’

Chicago – It all comes down to the last night, and what a closer on Sunday, October 21st, 2018 for the 54th Chicago International Film Festival (Ciff). “The Front Runner,” featuring Hugh Jackman and J.K. Simmons, and directed by Jason Reitman (“Juno”), will bring down the curtain on the Fest.

The Front Runner’ on Closing Night at the 54th Chicago International Film Festival

Photo credit: Chicago International Film Festival/Columbia Pictures

Events It’s a celebration of another exciting Chicago International Film Festival as the Closing Night presentation goes political with “The Front Runner,” the story of presidential candidate Gary Hart, when he looked like a shoe-in to win the 1988 election until a little “Monkey Business” got in the way. Director Jason Reitman will make an appearance on behalf of the film, with a Red Carpet event beforehand. For more details – including the after party – and tickets, click here.

Festival Founder and
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"Monkey Business" Giggles

I caught a retro matinee of Howard Hawk's silly delight Monkey Business (1952) for my birthday last weekend. I'd never seen it before and was giggling throughout. Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Marlowe, and Charles Coburn were in great form but Ginger Rogers completely steals the movie -- no small feat with that cast!

She plays the ridiculously patient and then suddenly immature wife of a chemist (Grant) who is trying to find a formula for de-aging that he's testing on monkeys. Hijinx ensue! My main takeaway this week has been that modern comedies try too hard to have a message, a character arc, and "heart" to go with the laughs. This spring's I Feel Pretty and Life of the Party had this problem and one assumes the newly opened Tag does, too, merely because almost all comedies now do. Heart and message and meaty arcs (if you have to have
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Millennium Films to explore the origin of Curious George

Deadline is reporting that Millennium Films has signed an exclusive deal with the estate of Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey, authors of the children’s book series Curious George, and has set a project in development which will explore the origin of the beloved character and tell the true story of its creators.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have the Rey estate’s complete confidence and consent, and the approval of Lay Lee, to tell this story. We are also grateful to our friend and writer, Sam Cohan, for bringing us the project,” said Jonathan Yunger, co-president of Millennium Media.

The movie will be based upon Ema Ryan Yamazaki’s documentary Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators, which explored the remarkable lives of H.A. and Margret Rey, who fled Nazi persecution in Europe, eventually making their way to New York City where Curious George
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Preview of Jack Hammer: Paper Hero #1

Jack Hammer returns this January courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment with the one shot Jack Hammer: Paper Hero, and we have a preview of the issue for you here; check it out…

In an all-new one-shot, Jack Hammer is back, balancing super-powered action with private-eye sensibilities to give readers the kind of high octane, street-level gut-punch fans of series like Daredevil and Kill or Be Killed crave!

With nothing left to lose, Monkey Business, one of Jack McGriskin’s oldest super-powered enemies, cuts loose and rampages through the streets of Boston!

Jack Hammer: Paper Hero #1 is out on January 31st, priced $3.99.
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Kids Now Casting: Model for Stock Photos/Videos in Chicago + Atlanta

Become the next Girl Laughing With Salad or Distracted Boyfriend as a stock photo and video model! Monkey Business, a producer of royalty free imagery and footage based in the UK, is currently seeking “confident, attractive models and actors of all ages” for stock image and video shoots. Child models, aged 0–18, are wanted for stock photo and video shoots at the production company. There are also roles available for adult talent of all ages for similar shoots. No experience is necessary, although acting experience is preferred. The company is especially seeking real couples and families. Production will begin Sept. 25 and run through Oct. 15 in various locations in Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. Image and video use will be in perpetuity. All models will be paid $150 for half a day and $300 for a full day. Take a turn on the catwalk and apply directly at Backstage here! Check out Backstage’s kids auditions!
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Red Line 7000

It’s finally here in all its glory, the Howard Hawks movie nobody loves. The epitome of clueless ’60s filmmaking by an auteur who left his thinking cap back with Bogie and Bacall, this show is a PC quagmire lacking the usual compensation of exploitative thrills. But hey, it has a hypnotic appeal all its own: we’ll not abandon any movie where Teri Garr dances.

Red Line 7000


Kl Studio Classics

1965 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 110 min. / Street Date September 19, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: James Caan, Laura Devon, Gail Hire, Charlene Holt, John Robert Crawford, Marianna Hill, James (Skip) Ward, Norman Alden, George Takei, Diane Strom, Anthony Rogers, Robert Donner, Teri Garr.

Cinematography: Milton Krasner

Film Editors: Bill Brame, Stuart Gilmore

Original Music: Nelson Riddle

Written by George Kirgo story by Howard Hawks

Produced and Directed by Howard Hawks

Critics have been raking Howard Hawks’ stock car racing epic
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Curious George Documentary “Monkey Business” Looks Worth Seeing

I’ll bet very few people know just how old Curious George is, and more probably wouldn’t believe it until they look for themselves. But the curious monkey that’s been a part of so many people’s lives at one point or another was actually created back in 1940, but he wouldn’t be published until 1941. The Reys, Margret and Hans, were German Jews living in Paris during the time and had to evacuate when the Nazis invaded and threatened their way of life. Making their way to America as refugees they had to start over and for three decades spent every

Curious George Documentary “Monkey Business” Looks Worth Seeing
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Trailer for 'Monkey Business' Doc About the Creators of Curious George

"Isn't it amazing that all of this came out of that little book?" The Orchard has revealed an official trailer for the documentary titled Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George's Creators, telling the story of the creators of everyone's favorite little monkey, Curious George. Created by Hans and Margret Rey, they eventually had to flee from Paris at the beginning of World War II to escape the Nazis, and they were luckily able to smuggle out the first manuscript of what would become the very first Curious George book. The doc tells their story, not only escaping the Nazis, but also how they came together and originally envisioned the idea for the beloved children's books. Monkey Business was successfully got funding on Kickstarter in 2016, and will be released this month for anyone excited to watch this. Featuring narration by Sam Waterson, and adorable animated scenes, this looks like a
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Trailer Watch: Learn the Amazing History Behind Curious George and His Creators in “Monkey Business…

Trailer Watch: Learn the Amazing History Behind Curious George and His Creators in “Monkey Business”“Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators”

“He’s as much of an immigrant as anyone,” we’re told about the world’s most beloved monkey in a new trailer for “Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators.” While often perceived as an American icon, the character was actually created by Margaret and Hans Rey, German Jews who were living in Paris when they first wrote of George’s misadventures. Ema Ryan Yamazaki’s upcoming doc traces George’s — and his creators’— amazing origin story.

“He’s not a typical animal,” Margaret says of George in the spot. She was the one to pen the books, and Hans illustrated them. She explains, “He’s a curious monkey who, through his curiosity, gets himself into trouble and through his own ingenuity gets himself out of trouble.”

The trailer highlights both George and the couple who brought him into the world. Margaret “cut all of the deals and pushed her way into publishers and held their feet to the fire,” while Hans was the “sugar” to her “spice.”

Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators” also touches on the historical backdrop the books were written against. While living in Paris, the Reys “were forced to escape from the Nazis by riding makeshift bicycles — a manuscript of the first Curious George book was one of the few possessions they could smuggle out with them,” the film’s official synopsis details. They arrived in New York as refugees and “over the next three decades they created a classic that continues to touch the hearts and minds of children around the world.”

You can watch “Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators” on VOD beginning August 15.

Trailer Watch: Learn the Amazing History Behind Curious George and His Creators in “Monkey Business… was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Here’s the Official Trailer for Monkey Business: The Adventures Of Curious George’S Creators

The Orchard has released the official trailer for Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators! Featuring a narrow escape from the Nazis on makeshift bicycles, Monkey Business explores the extraordinary lives of Hans and Margret Rey, the authors of the beloved Curious George children’s books. Check it out:

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to help raise the necessary funds to bring the film to life, Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators! is due to be released by The Orchard On Digital and On Demand August 15th!

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The 22nd Annual St. Louis Jewish Film Festival Begins June 4th

Look for reviews of the some of the films playing at this year’s The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival soon here at We Are Movie Geeks

The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival, held annually at the Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema (1701 S Lindbergh Blvd #210, St Louis, Mo 63131), is one of the local Jewish community’s most popular and highly attended events of the year. Each year, the festival presents international Jewish films, both documentaries and features that explore universal issues through traditional Jewish values, opposing viewpoints and new perspectives. And each year, the fest packs ‘em in so get there early – it’s first come first serve for seats and those Frontenac theaters aren’t very big. Attendance is always through the roof for this thing, a testament to the group’s marketing and choice of programming. Guest lecturers are brought to the fest to discuss and illuminate the subjects of these films.
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La Film Fest Competition Lineup Announced: 46 Percent Women-Directed

Moko Jumbie

The La Film Festival (Laff) has announced its 2017 competition lineups. “Our competitions reflect who Film Independent is as an organization,” emphasized Laff Director Jennifer Cochis. “Within each section you’ll find discovery, diversity, and promising talent both in front of and behind the camera.” Thankfully, these aren’t just empty words. The numbers back Cochis up. Of 28 films screening in competition, 13 are directed or co-directed by women, amounting to 46 percent of the lineup. The Documentary Competition — where female filmmakers are usually represented more than the Fiction Competitions — features seven out of 10 titles directed or co-directed by women. Last year, 43 percent of films screening in the competition programs were helmed or co-helmed by women.

Women-directed features in the U.S. Fiction Competition include Leena Pendharkar’s “20 Weeks,” a romantic drama about a couple who has to decide whether or not to carry a baby to term after it’s diagnosed with a serious health issue, and Camille Thoman’s “Never Here,” a thriller that centers on a photographer who senses she’s being watched.

Among the films screening in the World Fiction Competition are “Dark Blue Girl,” the story of a former couple — and their seven-year-old daughter — who return to their vacation home two years after parting ways, and Vashti Anderson’s “Moko Jumbie,” a portrait of a displaced girl living in Trinidad who forms a bond with a young fisherman.

The Documentary Competition lineup includes Valerie Red-Horse Mohl’s “Mankiller,” a celebration of the first woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, and Ema Ryan Yamazaki’s look into the lives of Margret and Hans Rey, the authors behind the “Curious George” book series.

Produced by Film Independent, the nonprofit arts organization that also produces the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Laff runs from June 14–22.

Check out more information about the women-directed projects screening at Laff below. List adapted from the fest.

U.S. Fiction Competition (4/10 women directed or co-directed)

Original voices with distinct visions from emerging and established American independent filmmakers.

20 Weeks, dir. Leena Pendharkar, USA, World Premiere

Becks, dir. Elizabeth Rohrbaugh, Daniel Powell, USA, World Premiere

Everything Beautiful is Far Away, dir. Andrea Sisson, Pete Ohs, USA, World Premiere

Never Here, dir. Camille Thoman, USA, World Premiere

Documentary Competition (7/10 women-directed or co-directed)

Compelling, character-driven non-fiction films from the U.S. and around the world.

Dalya’s Other Country, dir. Julia Meltzer, USA, World Premiere

Liyana, dir. Aaron Kopp, Amanda Kopp, Swaziland / USA / Qatar, World Premiere

Mankiller, dir. Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, USA, World Premiere

Monkey Business, dir. Ema Ryan Yamazaki, USA, World Premiere

Out of State, dir. Ciara Lacy, USA, World Premiere

Thank You For Coming, dir. Sara Lamm, USA, World Premiere

Two Four Six, dir. Leyla Nedorosleva, Russia / USA / Haiti, World Premiere

World Fiction Competition (2/8 women-directed or co-directed)

Unique fiction films from around the world by emerging and established filmmakers, especially curated for La audiences.

Dark Blue Girl, dir. Mascha Schilinski, Germany / Greece, International Premiere

Moko Jumbie, dir. Vashti Anderson, Trinidad and Tobago / USA, World Premiere

La Muse (6/12 women-directed or co-directed)

Fiction and documentary films that capture the spirit of Los Angeles.

And Then There Was Eve, dir. Savannah Bloch, USA, World Premiere

Built to Fail, dir. Bobby Kim, Alexis Spraic, Scott Weintrob, USA, World Premiere

Fat Camp, dir. Jennifer Arnold, USA, World Premiere

Mighty Ground, dir. Delila Vallot, USA, World Premiere

Roller Dreams, dir. Kate Hickey, USA, International Premiere

The Year of Spectacular Men, dir. Lea Thompson, USA, World Premiere

Nightfall (1/8 women-directed or co-directed)

From the bizarre to the horrifying, these are films to watch after dark.

Serpent, dir. Amanda Evans, South Africa, World Premiere

Short Films (51): From over 2,700 submissions, the short films selected represent 13 countries, 47% are directed by women and 51% are directed by people of color. Short films are shown before features and as part of six short film programs. Shorts will compete for juried prizes for fiction and documentary shorts, as well as an Audience Award for Best Short Film.

Future Filmmakers Showcase: High School Shorts (15):

Made by incredibly accomplished high school filmmakers from across the country and globe, 60% of the short films in this diverse slate are directed by young women and 20% are directed by people of color. Program sponsored by Time Warner Foundation, Lisa Argyros/Argyros Family Foundation and Employees Community Fund of Boeing California.

Episodes: Indie Series from the Web (4/10 women-directed or co-directed)

This showcase of independently crafted web series, 70% of which are directed by people of color and 40% are directed by women, celebrates rising creators whose work and subjects are innovative and unfiltered.

Bkpi, dir. Hye Yun Park, USA

My America, dir. Anna Jones, Asaad Kelada, USA

People Of…, dir. lamia Alami, Switzerland

The F Word, dir. Nicole Opper, USA

La Film Fest Competition Lineup Announced: 46 Percent Women-Directed was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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Laff 2017 Announces Full Slate, Including Competition and Episodic Offerings

Laff 2017 Announces Full Slate, Including Competition and Episodic Offerings
This year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, better known as Laff if you’re fun, has unveiled its full slate of 2017 offerings, including new offerings from Vincent Grashaw, Leena Pendharkar, Hong Sangsoo, Lea Thompson and many more. The slate includes 48 feature films, 51 short films, 15 high school short films and 10 short episodic works representing 32 countries. The festival’s five competitions feature 37 World Premieres, 2 International Premieres and 9 North American Premieres. Across the competition categories, 42% of the films are directed by women and 40% are directed by people of color.

“Our competitions reflect who Film Independent is as an organization,” said La Film Festival Director Jennifer Cochis. “Within each section you’ll find discovery, diversity, and promising talent both in front of and behind the camera.” Programming Director Roya Rastegar added, “The films curated for the 2017 competition reflect the changing political climate’s impact on emerging independent filmmakers, who are compelled to tell stories about the power of conviction,
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La Film Festival 2017 Lineup Includes It Stains The Sands Red, Midnighters, Serpent

The days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer, which means that we're edging ever closer to this year's La Film Festival. Taking place June 14th–22nd, the La Film Festival's 2017 competition lineup has been unveiled, and of particular interest for genre fans is the Nightfall section, which includes Colin Minihan's It Stains the Sands Red, Julius Ramsay's Midnighters, and Amanda Evans' Serpent.

Press Release: Los Angeles (May 9, 2017)— Today the La Film Festival, produced by Film Independent, the nonprofit arts organization that also produces the Film Independent Spirit Awards, unveiled the official U.S. Fiction, Documentary, World Fiction, La Muse and Nightfall sections. The 2017 La Film Festival will screen a diverse slate of feature films, shorts and episodic series, along with programs such as Coffee Talks and Future Filmmakers Showcase. The La Film Festival takes place June 14 – June 22, 2017 headquartered at ArcLight Cinemas Culver City, with additional screenings at ArcLight Hollywood,
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‘The Big Sick,’ ‘The Bad Batch’ and More Announced for Rooftop Films’ 2017 Summer Series

‘The Big Sick,’ ‘The Bad Batch’ and More Announced for Rooftop Films’ 2017 Summer Series
Rooftop Films has announced its lineup for the 2017 Summer Series. This year’s series will feature more than 45 outdoor screenings in more than 10 venues, including films like Michael Showalter’s Sundance hit “The Big SickAna Lily Amirpour’s “The Bad Batch,” (dates still Tbd).

The series kicks off on Friday, May 19 with “This is What We Mean by Short Films,” a collection of some of the most innovative, new short films of the past year. The screening will take place on the roof of The Old American Can Factory, in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The following night, Saturday, May 20, Rooftop will present a sneak preview screening of Zoe Lister-Jones’ 2017 Sundance entry, “Band Aid,” free and outdoors at House of Vans in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The entire lineup so far is below. Tickets are already for sale.

Friday, May 19

“This is What We Mean by Short Films”

Saturday, May 20

Band Aid” (Zoe Lister-Jones)

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