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Season 6

5 Oct. 1958
The Near Unknown
A gangster's moll encounters her doppelganger in a sweetly innocent young woman and exploits their resemblance to avoid certain death. Loretta plays both parts in this suspenseful drama.
19 Oct. 1958
In the Good Old Summertime
Jeb and Amy Stewart plan the perfect second honeymoon - and send their children to summer camp.
26 Oct. 1958
A Visit to Sao Paolo
An American travel agent visits a depressed village in Italy. James Philbrook later was the co-star of the New Loretta Young Show (1962-63).
9 Nov. 1958
The 20-Cent Tip
To make ends meet, a high school teacher must take a second job as a waitress. Conflicts occur when students begin coming to the restaurant.
23 Nov. 1958
The Woman Between
A man possessed is Alex Stark, who never has anything on his mind but business, even staying away from his fabulous New York penthouse for long periods to make deals. His wife Eleanor loses interest in him and falls for the family lawyer, She Alex's firm by selling their stock to the paramour.
7 Dec. 1958
The Happy Widow
On a ship bound for Paris, a businessman (James Philbrook) spends his time with a Mrs. Mathews - he assumes is married.
11 Jan. 1959
Sister Ann
A badly injured man is brought to a hospital, needing long term care with his hands and eyes covered during his period of treatment. he's gruff, irritable and ill mannered, not realizing he's been taken to a Catholic hospital or that his nurse that he falls in love with is actually a nun. When the bandages are removed and finally knows, he must suppress his feelings.
25 Jan. 1959
Incident in India
A Hindu slaver tries to sell two Muslim captive women from Pakistan in a small town. The single local constable puts a stop to it but holds the women in his gaol. The younger woman bargains for her freedom by helping the policeman to trap a bandit gang who have been raiding nearby homes and farms.
8 Feb. 1959
The Black Lace Valentine
On Valentine's Day, a housewife receives a large, expensive valentine - but isn't sure who sent it.
22 Feb. 1959
The Portrait
An old line aristocrat has a portrait painter in to do his daughter's likeness, but he finds her painfully shy and given to revealing only half her face, the side he's asked to paint. Soon it comes out she's been scarred in a fire, one that her mother died in and her stern father blames her for.
8 Mar. 1959
The Prettiest Girl in Town
A famous fashion model returns to her home town for her 20-year class reunion. After spending the evening with her old flame, she longs to return to a more meaningful small town life.
21 Mar. 1959
The Tenderizer
A shy bank employee meets a hardened female parolee at a cafeteria.
5 Apr. 1959
Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 1
A self-absorbed business man constructs a plan that includes the employment of a psychiatrist to stop his bored wife's descent into alcoholism.
12 Apr. 1959
Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 2
A healing process for a couple's marriage and a cure for the wife's alcoholism begin after a psychiatrist helps them face their specific roles in causing dysfunction.
26 Apr. 1959
The Accused
In a middle-class residential district, police are trying to solve a series of evening attacks on women in the neighborhood. Two women from the PTA begin to look at some of the precedents for the possibilities that sex offenders are thriving in the neighborhood. They propose that local stores cease to sell smutty magazines and run into resistance. But they go to great lengths to make protests and their convictions begin to gain some respect.

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