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Sex & Nudity

  • This film is set around 1900, hence both the women and men are nearly fully covered throughout as was the customary fashion of the period. Whilst the waxwork figures are dressed in historical costume, some of the female wax figures are dressed in skimpy outfits.
  • We see a woman in an early 1900s corset which covers most of her body, only minor cleavage. We also see minor cleavage from the woman helping her with her corset.
  • Some woman dancers doing the Can-Can are seen very closely. A woman remarks, "It doesn't seem proper, all those girls showing their...talents."
  • A man straps a young woman to a table totally naked to be encased in wax. Although it doesn't show him strapping her to the table. The scene starts after she's been disrobed and strapped down. No nudity is actually seen, only implied. We see her chest (and in one shot, minor cleavage is seen for a brief second) and then her legs below the knees. A man later comes along and puts his jacket over her.

Violence & Gore

  • Jarrod kills a few people in the film. None is shown on camera really.
  • Someone is held over a hot "bowl" of wax ready to be covered completely by it.
  • Two men have a fist fight in a scene.
  • Jarrod's whole museum is burnt down and he goes down with it (we see him burned).
  • A man is hanged from an elevator and we see him hanging by the noose around his neck for about five seconds.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This whole film is incredibly creepy.
  • Jarrod's face is creepy and is shown predominantly in the middle to the film's ending.
  • Jarrod's wax mask is cracked and we see his disfigured and burnt face underneath.
  • Jarrod appears in a dark corner of someone's room at night while wearing a dark cape (quite scary).
  • Several other intense scenes and images throughout the film.
  • Those who are used to horror movies will most likely not be too scared by it.

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