I Love Melvin (1953) Poster


Debbie Reynolds: Judy Schneider, Judy LeRoy



  • Judy : They want me to marry Harry Flack!

    Melvin : Judy, you can't! I - I love you, Judy!

    Judy : Shh...Melvin...

    Melvin : You're not gonna do it, are you?

    Judy : Well, you see...

    Melvin : Because if you do it, I'll be very frank about this, Judy. If you do it, I'll kill myself!

    Judy : Melvin! Stop it!

    Melvin : I mean it! Judy, you know how I feel! I'd do anything for you! I'd rob a bank, I'd take a rocket to the moon, anything! Just ask me!

    Judy : Put me on the cover! My picture, on the cover of the magazine!

    Melvin : Judy, I said I'd kill myself or take a rocket to the moon, but don't ask the impossible!

  • Judy : Harry Flack is coming to dinner Monday night.

    Melvin : Oh. Well, that's simple. Poison him.

    Judy : He wants to talk to Pop! He's going to propose!

    Melvin : Propose! To your father?

  • Mergo : [About Melvin]  The last I saw him, he was going to throw himself off a tall building.

    Judy : Oh no!

    Mergo : Oh, he didn't do it. I'd 've heard from his first.

    Judy : How do you know?

    Mergo : He promised me the shot!

  • Judy : I...I love Melvin!

  • Judy : Don't hurt Melvin!

    Mr. Schneider : Hurt him! I'll rip his ears off!

  • Judy , Melvin : [singing]  Much to my regret, My heart is just an apple cart that's waiting to be upset, For we have never met -...

  • Judy : Say, take it easy fellas!

  • Harry Flack : Surprise!

    Judy : Why, Harry! I thought you had to work tonight?

    Harry Flack : Well, all work and no play makes Harry lots of jack!

  • Melvin : Miss LaRoy, I'd like to take pictures of you sometime.

    Judy : Really?

    Harry Flack : Why?

    Melvin : Well, look at her. She has some very interesting possibilities.

    [Harry looks her over] 

    Melvin : I'm thinking in terms of a layout for the magazine. Maybe a two page spread.

  • Judy : [singing]  Call me Judy!

    Melvin : Judy, you deserve, an Anatomy Award.

    Judy : Huh?

  • Mr. Schneider : Of all the ridiculous - why is he taking pictures in the bathroom?

    Judy : Pops, it's my career!

    Mr. Schneider : In the bathroom?

    Mrs. Schneider : It's been going on all day. I didn't know what to do.

  • Melvin : I think we ought to broaden the scope of the layout.

    Judy : You mean more poses?

  • Judy : Melvin, you bit my ear!

    Melvin : Oh, I'm sorry. Let me see.

    Judy : Is it bleeding?

    Melvin : No, it's just scratched, that's all. Oh, this is one of my bad days. I don't even know how to kiss a girl,

    Judy : Ah, it wasn't so bad. You just picked the wrong spot.

  • Mrs. Schneider : You hardly ever see Harry any more.

    Judy : Well, I have fun with Melvin. Much more than I have with Harry!

    Mr. Schneider : Fun? What's that got to do with it? I never had any fun with your mother. But, I always kept her nicely.

  • Judy : Let's not talk about it.

    Mr. Schneider : Fine. Great solution for everything: don't talk about it.

  • Melvin : I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?

    Judy : Melvin, you always leap at me. You don't have to leap at me. Look.

    [gives Melvin a long kiss] 

  • Mrs. Schneider : Judy! Come on, get up! It's late! JUDY!

    Judy : Aw, Mom, Bob Taylor was just saying something important!

    Mrs. Schneider : Oh, come on!

    Judy : Oh, just five minutes! Maybe I can dream him back!

  • Judy : [To Melvin]  Would you like to have dinner with us?

    Clarabelle : [To Judy]  Pop says if the subject comes up, no.

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