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Janey Edwards, working for Cambria Records, is managing the personal appearance tour of sobbing songster Billy Weber, and Janey is disgusted when Billy leaves her at Santa Fe College with orders to get the rights, by hook or crook, to a folk song they had heard sung by Grant Sanborn , music instructor at the school. Posing as a co-ed, Janey gets Grant to give her a recording of the folk song which he has made, and then takes it to her boss, Jason Ambrose, in New York. Ambrose is unimpressed by the folk song, but is sold on Grant's voice and he assumes that Grant has been put under contract. Janey returns to the college to get Grant to sign a contract but not telling him that Cambria Records only wants him to record popular songs and is not interested in his folk music. Along with dummy recordings of his folk songs, Janey gets Grant to record one new song, "Geraldine", which immediately becomes a big hit. Janey refuses to bring Grant back to New York to make more records because the ...

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