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Yoshio Inaba: Gorobei Katayama



  • Kambei Shimada : Go to the north. The decisive battle will be fought there.

    Gorobei Katayama : Why didn't you build a fence there?

    Kambei Shimada : A good fort needs a gap. The enemy must be lured in. So we can attack them. If we only defend, we lose the war.

  • Heihachi Hayashida : Haven't you ever seen anyone cut firewood before?

    Gorobei Katayama : You seem to enjoy it.

    Heihachi Hayashida : That's just the way I am. Yah!

    [he chops another log] 

    Gorobei Katayama : You're good!

    Heihachi Hayashida : Not really. It's a lot harder than killing enemies. Yah!

    [he splits another log] 

    Gorobei Katayama : Have you killed many?

    Heihachi Hayashida : Since it's impossible to kill them all - yah!

    [he splits another log] 

    Heihachi Hayashida : I usually run away.

    Gorobei Katayama : A splendid principle.

    Heihachi Hayashida : Thank you. Yah!

  • [Gorobei is watching Heihachi, who is methodically splitting logs] 

    Gorobei Katayama : How'd you like to kill thirty bandits?

    [Heihachi spins around in surprise as his axe swings wide] 

  • Gorobei Katayama : How did you fare?

    Kambei Shimada : We let a good fish get away. An excellent swordsman.

    Gorobei Katayama : [laughs]  They say the fish that gets away looks bigger than it really is.

  • Gorobei Katayama : The threshing's done and still no bandits. Everyone's saying they might not come after all.

    Kambei Shimada : A tempting thought. But when you think you're safe is precisely when you're most vulnerable.

  • Gorobei Katayama : I'm with you. But I have to say that although I understand the farmers' suffering and understand why you would take up their cause, it's your character that I find most compelling. In life one finds friends in the strangest places.

  • Gorobei Katayama : Where shall we start our patrol?

    Kambei Shimada : The spot that worries us the most, of course.

    [Kambei and Gorobei arrive at a campfire near one of the roads, and find Kikuchiyo lying on the ground, his head propped up against a log and his feet resting on another log. He is supposed to be on guard, but is sound asleep. His sword is stuck upright in a pile of logs. Kambei and Gorobei exchange glances as they approach their snoring comrade. Softly Kambei comes forward and takes the sword away. The two hide behind a straw hut. Gorobei throws a rock, which wakes Kikuchiyo with a start. Kikuchiyo scrambles to the pile where his sword had been] 

    Kikuchiyo : Who's there?

    [He feels around for the sword, only to find it gone. He grabs a log from the pile and brandishes it] 

    Kikuchiyo : Who's there? Come on out!

    Kambei Shimada : Kikuchiyo.

    [Kikuchiyo whirls around to see Kambei and Gorobei standing behind him] 

    Kambei Shimada : You're lucky it was us. If it had been the bandits...

    [He tosses Kikuchiyo his confiscated Nodachi] 

    Kambei Shimada : ... You'd be looking for your head.

    [Kikuchiyo sinks down to his knees by the fire. He is so ashamed he can't speak] 

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