Seven Samurai (1954) Poster


Kokuten Kôdô: Old Man Gisaku


  • Farmer Manzo : Old man, I'm worried. The village girls will go crazy over the samurai. If the samurai touch 'em, all hell will break loose.

    Gisaku : Bandits are coming, you fool. Your head is on the block and all you think of are your whiskers?

  • Gisaku : Find hungry samurai. Even bears come down from the mountains when they are hungry.

  • Gisaku : All farmers ever do is worry, whether the rain falls, the sun shines or the wind blows. In short, all they know is fear.

  • Kikuchiyo : Got a problem, gramps?

    Gisaku : Nope. All's well now.

  • Gisaku : We fight.

  • [Kikuchiyo drags the bound bandit into a circle of vengeful, murderous farmers, laughing gleefully, and occasionally delivering a vengeful kick to his prisoner] 

    Bandit : Help!

    [the bandit continues to struggle as he is dragged into the circle] 

    Bandit : Help! Help me!

    [the samurai are desperately trying to hold back the crowd. The bandit's cries of 'Help!' continue on in the background. Kambei rushes into the circle] 

    Kambei Shimada : Back off! He's confessed. He's begging for his life. We can't just cut him to pieces.

    [Heihachi tries to restrain a peasant carrying a bamboo spear] 

    Peasant : Leave out of this!

    [Kambei tries to hold back Rikichi] 

    Rikichi : Let me at him!

    [Suddenly, everyone stops and looks off-screen. The noise dies down. The old woman enters the vicious circle, carrying a hoe. Kambei and the other samurai watch as she shuffles past the silent crowd. Gisaku approaches the crowd and begins to speak] 

    Gisaku : Let her avenge her son's death in her own way. Make way there. Somebody help her!

    [Rikichi pushes past Kambei and rushes forward. The other villagers follow him. The samurai turn away dejectedly] 

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