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Season 2

3 Oct. 1956
Child of the Regiment
An American army officer is stationed in Japan. When a devastating earthquake his the country, he and his wife end up adopting an orphaned Japanese girl. Not long afterward the officer is transferred to Hawaii, and there he discovers that his commanding officer is severely prejudiced against the Japanese. The officer is afraid to stand up to his CO's racism, much of it directed at his new daughter, because of concerns it may hurt his career. Complications ensue.
17 Oct. 1956
Stranger in the Night
Todays theme is the Stranger in the Night.
31 Oct. 1956
The Moneymaker
Lighthearted tale of an elderly counterfeiter, played by Spring Byington. Based on the movie Mister 880,in which Edmund Gwenn played the counterfeiter.
14 Nov. 1956
Smoke Jumpers
Todays theme is Smoke Jumpers.
26 Dec. 1956
Operation Cicero
Germans hope to get secret information from a man whose code name is Cicero.
6 Feb. 1957
Springfield Incident
Young lawyer Abraham Lincoln defends two brothers who both confessed to killing the same man.
2 Jun. 1957
Man of the Law
When does a man stand and fight and when does he take his family out of harm's way? A man's stepson is the only witness in a murder trial.
20 Mar. 1957
Deadline Decision
A newspaperman has a tough decision. Which is more important, the safety of a kidnapped child or keeping the public informed?
1 May 1957
Deep Water
How can some high strung frogmen accomplish their mission when they don't really get along?
15 May 1957
The Great American Hoax
John Hodges doesn't want to retire and devises a cunning scheme to avoid having to do so.
29 May 1957
Threat to a Happy Ending
How does a cop protect his family when his profession encroaches on his family life?
12 Jun. 1957
The Marriage Broker
Mae Swasey, a New York marriage broker with some interesting clients, meets pretty Christina Brady in the beauty salon of one of Mae's clients. Christina has just unhappily discovered that her boyfriend is married. Mae, who lost her own husband to another woman, convinces Christina to break up with the married man. She then plans to set Christina up with a likable --and very single-- dentist, Matt Hornbeck. But Christina, who disapproves of the marriage broker business, doesn't actually know Mae's profession. Can Mae bring the young couple together without Christina's...

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