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"Catholic, Protestant, Jewish"....All Represented in Weekly Ecumenical Celebration of Faith in Everyday Life.
redryan6427 June 2007
We can well remember this weekly series of 1/2 hour dramatic stories of people's own stories of Religious Experiences in life. They were stories from real life experiences. The voice of the announcer can still be heard in my now six decade old little head.(It seems that this was the same Announcer who did the speaking chores on THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW (aka LETTER TO LORETTA).

The voice-over came in announcing something about,.....true life stories about people of Faith, "Catholic, Protestant, Jewish." Guest Actors would make an appearance portraying people who were of the same Denomination as the Actor.

Stories were set in a wide range of locales and walks of life. Most of the stories were of Clergymen of the various Faiths, but they were not necessarily exclusive to those of cloth. A lot of the half hours were devoted to positive Religious experiences of Laymen as well.

In those days of strong sponsor identification, it was Chevrolet that sponsored CROSSROADS. In looking around today, we don't see anything that resembles it. Would't it be interesting if some producer decided to resurrect the idea,not a bad idea at that. It just could be that in our Sick, Cynical, Tired World it is time for a program like this.

Hey, General Motors/Chevrolet Division,are you ready to bring us such fine television once again? Our Post 9/11 World could use it.
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Highly influenced my life
willyclassof6627 June 2009
I was only seven or eight years old when I watched this show on television, but it so influenced me at a young age that, later in life, I entered the seminary. Now at age 60 some of the scenes are still fresh in my memory. I clearly remember the beginning of each episode with the man walking down a path that was shaped like a cross.

I especially remember an episode with a priest being hung as if on a cross with his feet in ice and loud speakers constantly blaring in his ears "preach, talk, preach, talk". It made me realize that the life of the clergy can be riddled with bigotry and persecution.

Would that we could have shows like this on television today.
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