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4 Oct. 1956
Forbidden Area
Why are so many B-99 bombers from Hibiscus Air Base crashing or simply disappearing? Colonel Price comes up with a terrifying explanation, but will anyone believe him?
11 Oct. 1956
Requiem for a Heavyweight
An over-the-hill heavyweight boxing champion who suffers from the ravages of years of head trauma is exploited by his manager, despite the efforts of a compassionate young woman who tries to help him recover his self-respect.
18 Oct. 1956
Sizeman and Son
The happy atmosphere in Mr. Sizeman's factory is disrupted by an argumentative newcomer - his son.
25 Oct. 1956
Rendezvous in Black
A woman is inexplicably killed on a street-corner. What has this to do with other deaths around the city?
1 Nov. 1956
The Country Husband
After a near-death experience, a business starts to re-think his life, and wonders about leaving his wife.
8 Nov. 1956
The Big Slide
A vaudeville comic becomes a silent film star.
15 Nov. 1956
Heritage of Anger
A wealthy industrialist has trouble with his sons.
22 Nov. 1956
It's not so much that Eloise is a mischievous child, but the darnedest things do happen when she's around.
29 Nov. 1956
When a much-admired community leader dies, a journalist starts to investigate his life - and finds he was not the man he seemed.
6 Dec. 1956
Made in Heaven
When Zachary and Elsa separate, each seems tempted to start a new love affair.
13 Dec. 1956
Sincerely, Willis Wade
A wealthy mill owner finances the education of a clever, but poor, young man.
20 Dec. 1956
The Family Nobody Wanted
A true story, it follows a pastor and his wife through forties beginning with one biological child, Donny. But the upheaval of the war years results in a number of mixed raced children that the Doss family adopt until they have 12 children.
27 Dec. 1956
Massacre at Sand Creek
An investigation into a massacre of Native Americans.

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