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  • Juliette Hardy (Brigitte Bardot) is too wild and sexy for a town like St Tropez (France). She has wealthy businessman Eric Carradine (Curd Jürgens) hot for her along with most of the boys in town, but the only one who makes her feel the same way is Antoine Tardieu (Christian Marquand), who considers himself above becoming involved with Juliette other than as a one night stand. When Juliette's foster parents threaten to send her back to the orphanage where they got her, Juliette accepts a marriage proposal from Antoine's younger brother Michel (Jean-Louis Trintignant). Although Juliette misses the party life, she also enjoys making Michel happy and is even starting to fall in love with him, until Antoine decides to move back home, and her feelings for him begin to resurface. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The movie is based on a screenplay written by French film-makers Raoul Lévy and Roger Vadim (who also directed the movie). Vadim remade the movie in English, And God Created Woman (1988), released in 1988. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Juliette begins acting bizarre. She takes to her bed, claiming to have a fever. She confesses to Michel's little brother Christian (Georges Poujouly) about her affair with Antoine on the beach. Maman (Marie Glory) hears about it, tells Michel when he comes home, and advises that he kick Juliette out in the morning. Michel goes to their room to talk with Juliette, but she has gone off to the Bar des Amis to drink and dance. Michel goes looking for her, but Antoine locks him inside, telling him that he should forget that "bitch whore". Michel tries to shoot the lock away, but it doesn't work. He winds up having to fight his brother for the key. Juliette friend Lucienne (Isabelle Corey) calls Eric to tell him how bizarre Juliette is acting, and Eric comes over to collect her, but Juliette refuses to go. Eventually, Michel catches up with Juliette at the Bar, but she refuses to even talk with him and goes on dancing. Michel orders her to stop, but she pays him no heed, so he takes out his gun. Just as he's about to shoot her, Eric steps in and takes a bullet in his hand. Antoine offers to drive Eric to a doctor, and they leave the Bar. Michel angrily slaps Juliette four times, and Juliette smiles at him. On their way to the doctor, Eric tells Antoine that he's going to transfer him out of St Tropez. "That girl was made to destroy men", he adds. In the final scene, Michel and Juliette walk home together, hand in hand. Edit (Coming Soon)


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