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15 Sep. 1957
Bentley and the P.T.A.
A P.T.A. meeting interferes with Bentley Gregg's date plans with a beautiful movie starlet, who is also a very important and valuable client.
29 Sep. 1957
Bentley Versus the Girl Scouts
Uncle Bentley tries to woo his niece Kelly's Pathfinder leader.
13 Oct. 1957
Uncle Bentley and the Lady Doctor
Uncle Bentley resorts to visiting a psychiatrist in order to get Kelly to clean her room.
27 Oct. 1957
A Date with Kelly
Bentley wants Kelly to join an all girls' club.
10 Nov. 1957
Uncle Bentley and the Aunts
After Kelly fails to be voted into the Lucky 13 Club, Uncle Bentley sets outs to find the reason why not.
24 Nov. 1957
Bentley and the Revolving Housekeepers
Uncle Bentley feels that Kelly could benefit from some female supervision, so he hires a lady housekeeper, much to Peter's chagrin.
22 Dec. 1957
Bentley and the Baby Sitter
Kelly's babysitting service turns into a way for available women to meet the most eligible bachelor in Beverly Hills - her Uncle Bentley.
5 Jan. 1958
Bentley and the Talent Contest
Uncle Bentley encourages his reluctant niece to enter the school's talent contest.
19 Jan. 1958
Bentley, the Homemaker
After learning that niece Kelly is becoming attached to another family down the street, Uncle Bentley endeavors to spend more time at home with her. He even arranges a surprise outing with Jack Benny.
2 Feb. 1958
Bentley and His Junior Image
13-year-old Kelly is going out on her first date, and her Uncle Bentley becomes a bundle of nerves after he learns that the boy is a 15-and-a-half-year-old version of himself.
16 Feb. 1958
Uncle Bentley Loans Out Peter
Bentley lends out Peter to a movie starlet that he's dating. He soon regrets granting her the favor.
2 Mar. 1958
Bentley and the Social Worker
Bentley wants to become Kelly's legal guardian, but because of his bachelor status, he must first undergo an investigation by a social worker.
16 Mar. 1958
A Sister for Kelly
Kelly and Ginger plot to have Uncle Bentley and Ginger's mom meet, fall in love, and get married.
30 Mar. 1958
Waiting Up for Kelly
Bentley and Peter are consumed with worry after Kelly goes missing on a date.
13 Apr. 1958
Woman of the House
Kelly feels that she is now old enough to be treated as the woman-of-the-house. Meanwhile, her girlfriends vote to present a humanitarian award to their heartthrob, Ronnie Burns, the son of George Burns.
27 Apr. 1958
Peter Falls in Love
Spring is in the air, and everyone is falling in love - except Bentley Gregg.
11 May 1958
Bentley's Prospective Son-In-Law
Kelly and her Uncle Bentley meet the irrepressible Howard Meechim.
25 May 1958
Bentley's Clubhouse
All the mothers of Kelly's girlfriends forbid them from continuing to use her home as a hangout because of Uncle Bentley's bachelor status.
8 Jun. 1958
Uncle Bentley and the Matchmaker
The wife of a close friend of Bentley Gregg's secretly plots to trap him into marrying one of her girlfriends.

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