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11 Oct. 1957
Camphor Tubes
Two smugglers are surprised by a harbor policeman, and shoot him down.Baxter gets to him, an old friend, in time to hear his last words, "Camphor Tubes". He soon realizes this is the method of hiding contraband the killers are using.
18 Oct. 1957
Murder on Pier 7
A junkman and stevedore working in cahoots heist a crate of cameras and murder the night watchman. The perfect crime quickly unravels, however, as Captain Baxter and the Harbor Command connect the clues and close in.
25 Oct. 1957
Boat Bomb
A criminally insane sailor vows revenge on the ship captain who fired him. The madman has the technical skill to make good his threat, and rigs up a nitro-charged boat bomb while Captain Baxter scours the waterfront to prevent disaster.
1 Nov. 1957
The Bag
Baxter and his men are in a race against time when a derelict steals a jar containing a highly combustible chemical that will burst into flame upon contact with air or water.
8 Nov. 1957
Fisherman's League
A protection racket shakes down local fishermen by destroying their day's catch by dousing it with gasoline if they won't or can't pay up.
15 Nov. 1957
Frightened Witness
A well-known gangster and his men pressure watchmen at waterfront warehouses into keeping quiet while they loot various goods being stored there, by threatening them and their families.
22 Nov. 1957
The Assassin
After being tipped off that a passenger on a liner docking that day will be shot, Baxter and his plain-clothes men stake out the pier and try to spot the would-be killer in time.
29 Nov. 1957
Counterfeit Money
When police break up a craps game, one of the arrested men is found to have two counterfeit $20 bills in his pocket. The Harbor Command and the Treasury Department track the money through seaman slated to leave port that day for Hong Kong to a pawnshop owner who claims to have never met the seaman.
6 Dec. 1957
Final Score
A young ex-con working as a longshoreman is made to look like the perpetrator of a safe cracking and the killer of a night watchman by the man who took him in when he left prison.
13 Dec. 1957
Dead on 'B' Deck
A porter on a passenger liner kills a jewel smuggler in his cabin, then tries selling the gems in San Francisco pawn shops, until the smuggler's partner catches up with him.
7 Feb. 1958
Contraband Diamonds
A small-time shipping company also helps smuggle diamonds for a gangster. When the shipper-turned-smuggler's brother finds out, he threatens to call the police, and is killed in a fight. Guilty over the murder, he wants to confess, but the gangster threatens his girlfriend.
4 Apr. 1958
Date with Eternity
Captain Baxter and his men respond to report of a disabled fishing boat and discover that old Pop Cates has run out of gas for the third time in a month. Baxter learns that Pop's daughter has canceled her visit and the elderly fisherman is distraught because he has never seen his six-year-old grandson and fears the worst when the leaky vessel is spotted heading for the open ocean.
11 Apr. 1958
Sunken Gold
Captain Baxter and Sergeant Warren investigate the murder of night watchman on one of San Francisco's piers. They discover a map covered with oriental writing and learn that it marked the spot where Japanese smugglers hid $100, 000 worth of gold bars just before World War II. When a merchant seaman is discovered fatally stabbed, the Harbor Command officers find a clue to the killer.
18 Apr. 1958
Captain Baxter is asked to go undercover to follow a lead developed by a U.S. Treasury agent who murdered after gaining the information about a counterfeit ring. He travels to Los Angeles and attempts to follow counterfeit plates from one crook to another until they reach the head of the syndicate.
25 Apr. 1958
Harbor Command and the San Francisco Fire Department match wits with an arsonist that causes a false alarm at one waterfront location, then sets another conflagration while the fire equipment is concentrated miles away from the real fire. Captain Baxter devises a plan to trap the firebug with fake bags of nitrate.
2 May 1958
Shore Patrol
When 4500 sailors from a U.S. Navy carrier task force return to port with six months of back pay in their pocket, they are ready for shore liberty - and the crooks and con men are waiting for them. The Harbor Patrol request assistance from the Navy's shore patrol when a sailor is stabbed in a bungled robbery and it appears that the crook are planning to dispose of the wounded man in the Pacific Ocean.
9 May 1958
The Harbor Patrol searches the waterfront for a seaman who is suffering from smallpox before he can inflect anyone else.
16 May 1958
Ghost Ship
Harbor Command investigates the report of a derelict fishing boat floating in the middle of San Francisco Harbor. They quickly discard their initial theory of insurance fraud when they discover human blood in the cockpit and a check for $10,000 missing from the captain's cabin. Captain Baxter and Sergeant Warren's investigation focuses on the individual crew members and learn the first mate was new to the vessel.
23 May 1958
Bum's Rush
A waterfront bum spots a young couple throwing a young man into the San Francisco harbor, but is afraid to report it to the police because he was supposed to be covering for the night watchman who was playing poker. When the tycoon's death is reported in the newspaper, the watchman and the bum use the couple's license plate to trace the murderers and blackmail them. Meanwhile the harbor command investigates the murder.
30 May 1958
Lover's Lane Bandits
A teenage girl sneaks out of her father's house for an assignation with an older man. While the couple are making out, an armed robber sneaks up beside their car and kills the young man when he refuses to give the crook his wallet. Fearing her father will punish her for seeing the young man over his objections, the teenager refuses to assist the Harbor Command with their investigation. Listening to the police radio band, the crooks learn the girl's identity and determine to eliminate the witness before she changes her mind.
6 Jun. 1958
Lobster Smuggling
Captain Baxter receives a tip that a gang of lobster smugglers might be behind the murder of an ex-convict found floating in San Francisco Bay. After discussing the matter with state fishing personnel, Baxter decides he's searching for bigger game - a deported criminal seeking to reenter the country illegally on board a small fishing boat.
13 Jun. 1958
Clay Pigeon
A recently released convict won't forget that it was Baxter that had him sent up, and now determined to exact revenge with a high powered rifle he steals from a gunsmith's shop. He taunts Captain Baxter with phone calls to his office, takes a shot at him at his apartment, and follows him to a highly public meeting, concealing the gun in a brief case.
20 Jun. 1958
The Psychiatrist
Captain Baxter and Sergeant Warren respond to a call from a hotel clerk who states he was beaten by a boarder, who had also ruined his bed with repeated knife thrusts. The Harbor Patrol learns that the perpetrator was Leon Faulkner, a former convict recently released from prison who harbored a grudge against the psychiatrist who testified against him at the convict's trial ten years earlier.
27 Jun. 1958
When Captain Baxter learns a freighter from a communist country that docks in San Francisco to make emergency repairs he decides to pay the ship's captain a visit. He discovers that a famous scientist used the visit to seek asylum in the United States. Fearing the police and the communist operatives who are pursuing him, the scientist desperately tries to reach a street mission where he had been advised to seek sanctuary. Baxter and his men try to reach the scientist before he comes to harm.
4 Jul. 1958
Desperate Men
Two armed robbers, one of whom was wounded during a shootout with a watchman, hijack a San Francisco Bay water taxi and force the passengers to hide them on a yacht in the marina. Fearing for the safety of the hostages, Captain Baxter masquerades as the vessels owner so he can climb aboard to affect a rescue.

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