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Season 1

3 Apr. 1957
Hawkeye's Homecoming
Hawkeye finds out that his brother has joined the British army and is now a "redcoat". However, when he is murdered by a treacherous Indian companion, Hawkeye seeks revenge.
10 Apr. 1957
The Threat
Hawkeye and Chingachgook find a group of new settlers, trapped in the Huron's territory. Greedy scout Jake Flint makes a deal with Hurons and together they force other white people to work for them almost as slaves.
17 Apr. 1957
Franklin Story
After several people are murdered Hawkeye seeks the help of his friend Benjamin Franklin to stop a would be tyrant.
24 Apr. 1957
The Wild One
A young Indian Doctor attempts to practice medicine while the townspeople practice intolerance.
1 May 1957
Delaware Hoax
The Delaware tribe, friends of Chingachcook, are framed by white men for a murder they didn't commit. Hawkeye sets out to catch the real killers and prove the tribe's innocence.
8 May 1957
The Coward
Tom Morgan and his father are attacked by Hurons. Tom runs away in fear leaving his wounded father behind. Labeled a coward by his father and the rest of the village he flees.
15 May 1957
The Ethan Allen Story
Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys are at war with the ruthless tax collectors, a bunch of outlaws, more Robin Hood than the Dalton gang. But when the authorities start to pin their misdeeds on them, Hawkeye must sort it out.
22 May 1957
The Witch
Someone is going to a lot of trouble to convince the townspeople that a witch has cursed them. A bell that rings by itself, a lame horse, milk with the taste of brimstone lead Hawkeye to search for the truth.
29 May 1957
The Medicine Man
Hawkeye and Chingachcook find Wenatchgo, an old and respected medicine man, wandering in the forest. They discover that the elderly man has been driven out of the tribe by a younger and ambitious rival.
5 Jun. 1957
The Servant
Hawkeye and Chingachgook find a young Irish girl, Bridget, alone in the woods. She is running away from a man named Stark who claims to own her.
12 Jun. 1957
The Search
Hawkeye and Chingachkook rescue an elderly woman from two Indians who have kidnapped her and were about to take her back to their tribe. She asks the two for help in finding her son, who had been kidnapped 18 years previously by the same tribe.
19 Jun. 1957
Snake Tattoo
Hawkeye and Chingachcook set out to help a young Indian boy who has been raised by a white man, but they soon discover that the boy is the long-lost son of a Cree tribal chief.
26 Jun. 1957
False Witness
Army payroll messengers are found dead, murdered by a gang of bandits, and the payroll stolen. In order to find the killers, Hawkeye and Chingachcook go undercover as managers of a local trading post.
3 Jul. 1957
Powder Keg
Fur trader McKenzie initiates a war between the Hurons and the nearby settlement where another trader is taking his business.
10 Jul. 1957
Hawkeye sets out to help the Tuscarora tribe, which has been devastated by a long and harsh winter, avoid starvation.
17 Jul. 1957
Way Station
The daughter of Mingo Chief Nocona is desired by two warring tribesmen.
24 Jul. 1957
The Brute
Needed winter supplies are being stolen before they can reach the village. Tim, a simple-minded man, is made to believe he killed someone and when he flees he becomes an easy scapegoat.
31 Jul. 1957
Stubborn Pioneer
Carpenter foolishly travels into the wilderness to establish a new settlement called Carpenterville. Hawkeye suspects that the Mohawk guide is really a renegade working with the Hurons. Hawkeye and Chingachgook attempt to prevent disaster.
7 Aug. 1957
The Promised Valley
A Tuscarawas brave tries to start a war between his people and the white men.
14 Aug. 1957
The Girl
A young woman with a past and a Seneca Chief attempt to stir the Iroquois into war with the settlers.
21 Aug. 1957
The Soldier
A young soldier is accused of stealing new breech loading rifles and selling them to the Indians. He is being tried for treason unless Hawkeye can discover the truth.
28 Aug. 1957
Huron Tomahawk
Mike is returning home to marry but his fiance and family have been murdered in what appears to be a Huron raid.
4 Sep. 1957
Tolliver Gang
Tolliver and his outlaw gang of former pirates has kidnapped two women and demanded a ransom of 1000 pounds. Hawkeye infiltrates the gang in an attempt to get them back.
11 Sep. 1957
The Colonel and His Lady
Chief Black Wolf and his tribe are accused of breaking the treaty. It is up to Hawkeye and Chingachgook to clear them. Things are complicated by an inexperienced, by the book, young officer.
18 Sep. 1957
Washington Story
Surveyor George Washington aids a young woman whose land grant is threatened by a wicked innkeeper.
25 Sep. 1957
Winter Passage
Frontier wives hope to join their husbands in time for Christmas.
2 Oct. 1957
The Reckoning
More unrest between the white men and the Ottawas.
9 Oct. 1957
La Salle's Treasure
Fortune hunters seek a treasure rumored to have belonged to the French explorer La Salle. They ask Hawkeye to lead them but when he discovers that it is in a sacred Dakota burial ground he tries to dissuade them.
16 Oct. 1957
The Prisoner
Lt. Briggs breaks the treaty by chasing an Indian beyond the recognized border. Led into an ambush he escapes but his militiamen are captured. Hawkeye and Chingachgook are assigned to escort him to his court-martial and probable hanging.
23 Oct. 1957
False Faces
A series of thefts are falsely attributed to the innocent Mingo False Faces.
30 Oct. 1957
The Morristown Story
Hawkeye has tracked outlaw Simon Girty to Morristown but he and Chingachgook are turned away and told that the town is closed due to an outbreak of the black plague. Hawkeye decides to sneak in and see for himself.
6 Nov. 1957
A young lieutenant seeks blind vengeance for the brutal murders of his parents by warmongering Shawnee.
13 Nov. 1957
The Contest
Hawkeye and Chingachcook match their wits against two thieves who have phony identities.
20 Nov. 1957
The Truant
Hawkeye and Chingachgook escort young Greg to the boy's Aunt Emma and Uncle Mort. Greg's parents are recently decease, making him the sole heir to a valuable mine. However, there have been numerous attempts to attack Greg, and Hawkeye and Chingachgook suspect the Uncle...but proving it is another matter.
27 Nov. 1957
The Royal Grant
Cressing claims to have a royal grant giving him ownership of the town.
4 Dec. 1957
The Long Rifles
Someone is selling illegal guns to the Indians. The townspeople blame gunsmith Eben Cotten.
11 Dec. 1957
The Printer
Freedom of the press is threatened when the editor is framed for murder.
18 Dec. 1957
The Indian Doll
Little Snowbird falls into a deep trance after Hawkeye presents her with a doll.
25 Dec. 1957
Circle of Hate
Ever since Lt. Smith joined Col. Courtney's command, unexplained Indian deaths have increased, and threatens to ignite a war between the colonial forces and the Iroquois nation.

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