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Larceny and Old Ace
The wife of Brady Colfax, a soon-to-be-released convict, warns Blake that the man still held a grudge against him for testifying against him in court.
2 Jul. 1959
Another Chance
While transporting a murderer to Reno for trial, Blake begins to wonder if the young man's claim of self-defense might not be valid.
6 Aug. 1959
The Woman Who Cried Wolf
A young girl replaces a woman in a vaudeville act.
Still Water Runs Red
A feud over water rights between a rancher and a female neighbor threatens to erupt into bloodshed unless Blake can prevent it.
The Black Leaper
A game warden finds a fisherman dead in his boat. Although the man had died hours earlier there was a freshly hooked trout hooked on his fishing tackle and the sign of bruising on the back of the man's head. Blake learns that the man was a wife-beater who had threatened to divorce his wife and name a neighbor in the complaint.
The Bride Wore Bullets
A used car salesman's estranged wife shows up at his apartment and begs forgiveness. During their argument a gunman bursts into Victor's apartment and kills the pretty brunette. Blake discovers that the car the dead woman was driving was hot and decides to set a trap to capture the killer and break up the stolen car racket at the same time.
What's Mine Is Mine
When a mine owner is murdered, Blake suspects that either his partner, his partner's wife or both are implicated in the killing.

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