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French sci-fi farce
shazam195017 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is more of a recollection than a review. I first read about this movie in one of Forrest J. Ackerman's magazines A still from The movie was accompanied by a very short synopsis. The spoiler ending was revealed in one of the publications either FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILM LAND or SPACEMEN I think I was 15 when I caught the last half on the Color Movie Thriller on KABC channel 7 in L.A. after midnight. Just like the plot summary The scientist happens upon a formula to shrink organic objects down to tiny figurines. From elephants to the girl of the film's title. If I remember correctly to restore the individual back to the correct size a body of water salt? or regular in proportion to the mass of the object. While the object is shrunk it is also in suspended animation with the body weight reduced. Now about the movie itself. A comedy with the girl who may be his assistant or just an innocent caught up in the farce. The scientist has a jealous fianceé getting the wrong idea and causing situations that actually draw the two principals together. In the movie I believe the jealous fianceé finally gets wind of the experiment's true nature and in a rage she picks up the girl friend a small figurine now and throws her into a fountain or the ocean beach front. She transforms back to her life and actual size and she and the scientist are together for the end credits. In the original story the fianceé threw the statue of the girl out of a window and it/she broke in pieces. I remember the pace of the movie being fast and the characters very animated like many foreign comedies of the sixties. Of course to hide her he would put her in his pocket at least once during the film. Now I only saw it that one time and then only the last half of the movie around 1965 or 1968. Don't know why it sticks out for me but forty five years later I am looking forward to seeing the whole movie again. Sooner or later.
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