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  • Under hypnosis, a young woman turns into a vampire.

  • In a girl's boarding school, science teacher, Miss Branding, tests her theory that there is power within the human potential that is beyond that of the atom. Using hypnosis and a special amulet, a new and troubled student, Nancy Perkins, becomes the subject of her experiments which result in a series of full-moon murders.


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  • Eighteen-year old Nancy Perkins [Sandra Harrison] is filled with angst. Her mother died only six weeks ago and already her father [Thomas Browne Henry] has remarried a floozy [Jean Dean]. To make matters worse, Dad and the floozy are sending Nancy to The Sherwood School for Girls in order to a) get rid of Nancy and b) separate Nancy from boyfriend Glenn [Michael Hall]. Fortunately, the resident chemistry teacher Miss Branding [Louise Lewis] realizes Nancy's angst and befriends her.

    When Nancy is injured by student Nola [Heather Ames] in a laboratory accident, Miss Branding hypnotizes Nancy to remove the pain. While Nancy is under hypnosis, Miss Branding also takes away Nancy's will with an amulet she bought from an immigrant woman from the Carpathian Mountains. Miss Branding is working on a thesis which addresses the destructive power of the individual in deference to the destructive power of the atom but which has so far been ill-received by male-dominated academics. Miss Branding is currently working on an experiment, and Nancy becomes her unknowing subject.

    One night, the girls throw a dorm party. When they get too loud and "Old Horseface" breaks it up, Nancy goes back to her room feeling faint, Nola goes to the supply basement to prepare for tomorrow's science lab, and the rest of the girls remain to clean up the mess. The next morning, Nola is found dead with two marks on her neck and drained of blood, but the police can find no suspects.

    Now it is Halloween. The girls are having a scavenger hunt in a cemetery. Nancy turns into a vampire again and gets another girl as well as a guy. The next day, all the girls are given a lie detector test but, with the help of Miss Branding's amulet, Nancy passes the test. Still, Nancy has begun to suspect the truth about the power that comes over her. When her boyfriend Glenn comes to see her and she shoos him away, Nancy goes to Miss Branding and pleads for release. But Miss Branding tells her that the experiment deals with the future of the human race and is worth more than adolescent love, and they get into a battle of wills. Nancyturns into a vampire and kills Miss Branding. Miss Branding's thesis is also destroyed, but no matter. "There is a power greater than science that rules the earth. And those that twist and pervert knowledge for evil only work out their own destruction."

    [Original synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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