Funny Face (1957) Poster


Audrey Hepburn: Jo Stockton



  • Dick Avery : You ARE mad, aren't you?

    Jo Stockton : No, I'm not mad. I... I'm hurt and disappointed and... and mad.

  • [Dick kisses Jo] 

    Jo Stockton : Why did you do that?

    Dick Avery : Empathy. I put myself in your place and I felt that you wanted to be kissed.

    Jo Stockton : I'm afraid you put yourself in the WRONG place. I have no desire to be kissed, by you or anyone else.

  • Jo Stockton : Take the picture, take the picture!

  • Jo Stockton : Suppose we just leave my bones alone and... and give me my $53.95?

  • Jo Stockton : What about these pictures?

    Dick Avery : Well, we're using this shop as a background for some fashion pictures for Quality Magazine.

    Jo Stockton : I'm sorry, but I can't let you do this. Dr. Post would never approve. She doesn't approve of fashion magazines. It's chichi and an unrealistic approach to self-impressions as well as economics.

  • Dick Avery : We want to sit at your feet and learn. We have so much to learn.

    Maggie Prescott : We sit at your feet humble and ignorant but so willing.

    Jo Stockton : Look, you two just leave his feet alone.

  • Jo Stockton : How could I be a model? I have no illusions about my looks - I think my face looks funny.

  • Jo Stockton : I was taught that I ought not expose my inner senses...

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