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1 Jan. 1961
The Robbery
When the Army paymaster is killed, the new lieutenant in charge tries to pull rank on Troop, neither of them knowing that an old lawman friend of Dan's is in town and his friends don't look like they're after beaver as they claim.
8 Jan. 1961
Firehouse Lil
Hoping to capitalize on the fanfare surrounding the appointment of Lily as the new Fire Chief of the Laramie volunteer fire brigade, some robbers plan to relieve the bank of $140,000 that just came in on the afternoon stage.
15 Jan. 1961
The Frame-Up
Jessica doesn't believe her husband was guilty for the crime he was just hanged for. That's because she's confessing to it herself. Troop doesn't believe her, but begins to doubt whether he put the wrong man on the gallows.
22 Jan. 1961
The Marked Man
Tod Larson, a hired gun in Laramie to visit his sister, runs into old friend Dan Troop. When he learns his target is the marshal, he has to decide whether to go through with the job or think of something else.
29 Jan. 1961
The Squatters
Bent sees a way to make his foreman days pay off. With his boss dead and a POA in his hand he decides to remove those from what is for now his land. Dan tries to prevent that but his hands are legally tied unless he can find an heir.
5 Feb. 1961
Troop hears that Frank Walker escaped prison. When he tells the wife and son, he is shot and can't use his gun hand. The son, who worships his father, tells Dan "that'll make it awful hard on you!" and hopes he'll be dead within the week.
12 Feb. 1961
Hassayampa Edwards says he is for temperance and feels The Birdcage should be closed. But Lily has something she would like to say about that and it may not be what the ladies of the town want to hear.
19 Feb. 1961
The Promoter
When an out of town promoter wants to buy out or put out of business The Birdcage and the rest of the saloons in Laramie, Troop becomes a silent partner of Lily's in hopes of stopping the sales.
26 Feb. 1961
Detweiler's Kid
Detweiler wanted a son. When his daughter proves to be just as good as one, he begins to rethink the beliefs he's held his whole life especially when she goes gunning for Deputy McKay.
5 Mar. 1961
The Inheritance
Dan and Johnny are forced to deal with Owlie, who feels his impoverished father has been hiding a large sum of money at The Birdcage. To top it off, Lily may have known the truth behind this all along.
12 Mar. 1961
Blue Boss and Willie Shay
A mild-mannered cowboy is driven to violence by constant bullying and persecution. His partner, Blue Boss, is a steer hired out to cattle drives to lead the herds. When Blue Boss is killed, Willie Shay wants revenge and respect.
19 Mar. 1961
The Man from New York
A NY detective is convinced he has trailed a man wanted for bank larceny three years ago and his wife to Laramie. When the proof is scars from an old operation for her, Dan may have to reluctantly arrest one of the nicest men in town.
26 Mar. 1961
Mark of Cain
Chad Kennedy, acquitted of murdering his brother, returns to Laramie from exile after 3 years. Visiting his ill father, he and sister in law both witness his father fall and die but this time she plans on seeing him hang, guilty or not.
2 Apr. 1961
Casey, a fugitive from the law, jeopardizes the life of his wife and young son. When the wife feels that what's best is to abandon him, Troop and Lily become involved as the boy won't talk and a new man is in town looking for somebody.
9 Apr. 1961
The Persecuted
A known gunfighter, always needing to prove he is fast, goads a young, new father into a gunfight, kills him and after skipping town, has Dan on his trail. His acquittal fuels hatred in town as he and his wife want to live in Laramie.
16 Apr. 1961
The Grubstake
Rainbow Jack says he's discovered a rich vein of gold. He meets a saloon girl who's father had similar dreams and invests a 1/2 interest in him. When Rainbow's past catches up with him, that grubstake proves to be more than just a dream.
23 Apr. 1961
When a local woman seems to run off with a traveling peddler, her husband threatens to go after him. Dan and Lily try to help and soon find out the real reason for her sudden departure.
30 Apr. 1961
The Threat
Edgar Chase comes to Laramie to visit his brother. When he finds he is dead, the man who shot him gets worried when Edgar intends to punish him and see him die for it but how can he when he doesn't even wear a gun.
7 May 1961
The Trial
Dexter wants revenge for the hanging of his father from the man who sentenced him. When his sister and the judge arrive in Laramie, a mock trial is arranged with only four men as jury and Troop in the middle of this family business.
14 May 1961
Blind Hate
Lem Pastor wants to make sure his daughter marries the right man. When he blinds the latest one, he only drives her, the image of her mother, further away until Dan Troop has to step in to prevent a killing.
21 May 1961
The Break-In
Walt Hudson wants to turn himself in for the reward thinking when he gets out he would at least have a stake. The company making the offer wants something else but Walt wants no part of their plan.
28 May 1961
Conditional Surrender
Pa Beason, dying, wants three things from Troop: his daughter has never worn a dress, he must make sure she has safe passage back East and his confession must help his sons have a better future. He has no objections but his sons might.
5 Jun. 1961
Cold Fear
A lawman, not able to use his gun hand, hides out in Laramie. When the brothers of a man he killed in Tucson show up, they want to kill him they say 'in a fair fight.' Dan thinks otherwise especially when they kidnap his new bride.
11 Jun. 1961
The Promise
At the gallows, Jed Barrister swears he will kill Troop and hearkens to anyone to take up the challenge. With a target on his back, Johnny wishes Dan would leave town for a few days as some strangers just came in on the stage.
17 Sep. 1961
The stage is four hours past due and Lily's supply wagon is late. When a stranger rides into town, he says he'll let the passengers go for all the money in the bank, and it's considerable.
24 Sep. 1961
The Juror
When the town of Sherman is unable to seat a jury for Bob Cawley's trial, he is moved to Laramie where the same problem occurs until Lily steps forward which does not make Dan happy.
1 Oct. 1961
The Four
Four men ride into Laramie. One tells Troop they are there to kill a man, no more than a boy but an animal with a taste for killing. The proof Dan needs is their word for his past deeds and with no other options, he has to trust it.
8 Oct. 1961
The Son
Cole and his father ride into town looking for the killer of his brother, Chad. Cole is the only one who can identify this person as he overheard him just before he shot his brother, but he's blind.
15 Oct. 1961
Owny O'Reilly, Esquire
Owney, robbed of his reward money, is embarrassed when he finds it was the governor's runaway daughter. When the killer he got the money for escapes and threatens to harm her, Troop and Johnny agree to a deal they're not sure he will keep.
22 Oct. 1961
The Substitute
The town school teacher decides to leave town abruptly and get married. The only temporary candidate seems to be Lily Merrill and a town delegation made up of all the mothers won't hear of it.
29 Oct. 1961
The Stalker
Alteeka McClintock, a trapper friend of Troop's, comes to town and accidentally kills a man during some horse play at the Birdcage. Running away, Dan must bring him in before the brother of the man he killed gets his revenge.
5 Nov. 1961
The Catalog Woman
Walter Perkins, a wealthy cattleman, has a mail order bride coming on the stage he ordered through the Heart and Hand catalog. When he goes missing, Dan becomes a decoy to catch whoever has done this before through the same classifieds.
12 Nov. 1961
The Cold One
His best friend ran off with his young wife the day he got sent to prison. King Harris has escaped and killed his old friend. He is now believed heading to Laramie to kill his wife, who has returned home on the stage.
19 Nov. 1961
Porphyria's Lover
Galt Stevens, who Lily knew years ago, had a crush on her and read her Browning poetry, has escaped from prison. When he comes to Laramie, Troop must fight a storm and Lily's fear of his need to exact revenge.
26 Nov. 1961
The Appointment
Johnny gets a letter from the Territorial Governor giving him an appointment to West Point. Torn between his loyalty for Dan Troop and honored by the man who recommended him, he must decide how he wants to shape his future.
3 Dec. 1961
The Lords of Darkness
Kindly Will Porter is killed by one of the Lord brothers. When Dan travels to Darkness to arrest them for trial, the locals, including their marshal, won't lift a finger to help. Which puts one against how many?
10 Dec. 1961
An old friend of Lily's arrives in town. When he uses his tarot cards to read the fortunes of her friends, all the fortunes start to come true but one of them is fated to die.
17 Dec. 1961
The Prodigal Mother
Maggie Winslow returns to Laramie after 9 years to claim a son she gave up. Married, she feels she can provide for him now. Even with the law on her side, she must decide what's best for him even though she's already decided for herself.
24 Dec. 1961
By the Book
A special assistant to the territorial marshal is touring the area and wants to know what Troop is and has been doing to clean up the town. If progress isn't made he will step in and do it for him with all the authority he thinks he has.
31 Dec. 1961
Trojan Horse
Duncan Clooney asks Troop if he can transport high explosives through Laramie as a bump in the road could set them off. He needs the town evacuated. Dan agrees but discovers the men working for Clooney have their own idea how to use them.

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