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7 Jan. 1962
The Locket
A stage rides into Laramie with no driver and Lily's unconscious female friend. Troop investigates but finds no driver or body on the roads. He awaits the awakening of the only arrival who has a concussion and her husband has just arrived.
14 Jan. 1962
A Friend of the Family
Three men ride into Laramie to hold up the bank. Two are arrested and one is a friend of Johnny's father. Transporting them to Cheyenne, Dan feels Johnny may have let his guard down when his uncle escapes heading to his stash of loot.
21 Jan. 1962
The Vintage
Two Italian immigrants on their way to California, are transporting the last fifteen years hard work in their wagon. Vines to start a vineyard. When they are trampled, the grandson only seeks vengeance for all his grandfather's hard work.
28 Jan. 1962
The Tarnished Badge
Jess Bridges is an ex-lawman who goes bad. When he tries to rob the stage in Laramie disguised as a marshal, Troop has to stop him. But Dan has a small problem - he looked up to Jess and he used to be his deputy.
4 Feb. 1962
No Contest
Jeff, in Laramie to visit his cousin Johnny, gets a lesson he hadn't planned on when he is mistaken for Billy the Kid. Teaching himself how to shoot is only half the battle. Can he face a man and do the same?
11 Feb. 1962
Change of Venue
Barron Shaw's trial for murder and robbery is being moved out of Laramie on the stage. The townspeople protest this change but Troop has some unexpected company on the road ahead and sitting right next to him as well.
18 Feb. 1962
The Holdout
Blake Stevens is a well respected businessman. When he doesn't fight back against a vigilante group of thugs determined to take over Laramie, the remaining town council want Troop's badge, and he isn't going along with their decision.
25 Feb. 1962
The Barber
Ed seems to sell his barbershop to a stranger in town. When more strangers come to town, the real reason they are all there becomes apparent to Troop and Johnny the next time they get a haircut.
4 Mar. 1962
The Long Gun
Famous Marshal Ben Wyatt arrives in Laramie with a body. In a hotel room he waits for the other two partners behind a rifle in ambush. Troop feels he can't let him do that which forces a showdown in the streets.
11 Mar. 1962
Clootey Hutter
Clootey Hutter rides into town one rainy night to find the store closed. She meets two drunken brothers at The Birdcage. When one goads her into a gunfight she proves to be much faster, so Dan must arrest her but she isn't going willingly.
11 Mar. 1962
Heritage of Hate
John Kemper is doing everything he can to drive off Laurie who killed his son but is now out on parole. Laurie decides to find a mail order husband to help fight John but gets more than she expected in him.
25 Mar. 1962
Mountain Man
A mountain man, Lex Buckmer, decides Lily is what he's been missing. When he finds out she's engaged to Dan Troop, he decides to get rid of him mountain-style.
1 Apr. 1962
The Bride
When the stage arrives in Laramie bearing two newcomers, they disembark, feigning illness, and soon espy the wealthiest rancher in town. Their sights are no longer on their destination, but him.
8 Apr. 1962
The Wanted Man
A young man rides his sick and pregnant Ma into Laramie knowing the law is looking for his ever-absent Pa. When a bounty hunter also shows up, Troop must decide who he should help, the sick Ma or the one lawfully after the reward.
15 Apr. 1962
Troop takes Billy Deal, a wanted outlaw, into custody. He needs to transport him by train to Casper. An old acquaintance in town wants to take him to Montana instead to resolve other issues and there's only one train leaving town on Sunday.
22 Apr. 1962
The Youngest
Troop catches Jim Martin cheating at cards. When he draws against Dan, it's kill or be killed. When his wife and three sons come and bury the body they decide to now pay their respects to the marshal, the exact same way.
29 Apr. 1962
Cort Evers arrives in town, falling off his horse. The doctor says he doesn't have long to live as he tries to end his ten year chase to find his brother Mitch to avenge the death of six men during the war.
6 May 1962
The Doctor
With the help of local law in Saratoga, Dan captures a man wanted to testify. On the stage ride back to Laramie the driver exhibits plague-like symptoms and the only doctor available is a falling down drunk, who is also wanted to testify.
13 May 1962
The Man Behind the News
A bored editor from the east comes to Laramie to relive what he feels is the excitement of the heroes of the west. When he stirs up more than he bargained for, Troop must come between a hero and this naive newspaperman.
20 May 1962
Get Out of Town
A leading businessman tells the bank to either close a newcomer's account or his. When Troop feels that being in the middle of an old argument is making him very uncomfortable, having a calvary reunion in town isn't helping matters either.
27 May 1962
The Actor
An aging actor rides into town and collapses at The Birdcage. First thought to be a penniless drifter, it is soon discovered he is wounded and pursued by a woman with desires for him against the objections of her husband and brother.
3 Jun. 1962
A blow to the head may have turned a young man into a killer. Pushed to the edge he kills two well-liked people. Now everyone just wants to gun him down led by the man that made him that way.
10 Jun. 1962
Johnny comes up against a wild young woman whose boyfriend is in jail, and she intends to let nothing stand in the way of her getting him out of it.
17 Jun. 1962
The Unmasked
Two men arrive in Laramie by stage saying they are looking for a man that may have come to town years ago and with a lot of money. When Dan figures out who that might be, Johnny is in trouble and he doesn't know where he is.
24 Jun. 1962
The Witness
Nathan Adams returns home to find his wife shot and killed. When a sketch artist claims he saw a rider and draws a picture of him, Troop has no option but to arrest a local rancher but he suspects this witness's motives.

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