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Assignment: Crime
A jewel thief forces an ex-con to recut diamonds by threatening his wife.
Murder, My Darling
Morgan and Ferguson get a tip from a gas station attendant that he spotted a woman wanted for stealing bonds checking into a nearby motel. When the deputy arrives at the woman's room, he finds her strangled to death and the bonds gone.
The Man Who Lived Twice
An eccentric millionaire thwarts a safecracker's attempt to steal the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has hidden in his wall safe. But after Morgan and his men round up the gang, the safe is robbed anyway. Evidence points to an inside job - possibly a safecracker thought to be dead for almost ten years.
Highway Robbery
A county sheriff requests the assistance of Morgan and his deputies when, after picking up the payrolls to pay their men, a series of ranchers are pulled over by a motorcycle cop, beaten and robbed. The modus operandi are the same as that used by a former Las Vegas policeman in Las Vegas who was acquitted for lack of proof.
Marshal Morgan and his men try to capture a wild man who has been terrorizing ranches on the Pima Indian reservation.
My Sons
A boy steals a car and is subsequently killed in an accident.

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