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Season 3

21 Sep. 1960
The Trial
Josh expects a $400 bounty for bringing in Daniel Trenner but finds his prisoner stolen from him by the sheriff. Four ex-army personnel want to stage an illegal mock trial accusing their former lieutenant of dereliction of duty.
28 Sep. 1960
The Cure
Josh is hired by a woman to sober up Harry a drunk who is also Josh's friend. She learned his wealthy brother who Harry hasn't seen in fifteen years and detests is coming to visit so she wants Harry to be presentable for the visit.
5 Oct. 1960
Journey for Josh
Josh and the beautiful female prisoner he is transporting to trial are on a three day trip while her partner is still on the loose in the area. For once Josh may not follow through on obeying the law as they fall in love with each other.
12 Oct. 1960
The Looters
Josh is on his way to River City to transport three convicts there to be hanged. The three dangerous prisoners escape from jail and appoint themselves the law, after the town is hit by a tornado that wrecks the town and kills the sheriff.
19 Oct. 1960
The Twain Shall Meet
A journalist from Boston accompanies Josh on his manhunt to get an exclusive story on a bounty hunter as part of a series of articles. Josh agrees to let him join him in the hunt for Jack Torrance but finds they have different methods.
26 Oct. 1960
The Showdown
Josh feels compelled to repay a debt to an old friend who's in jail and may hang. However, the friend takes advantage of Josh to escape forcing Josh to go on the hunt for him until it appears he died when he went over a cliff.
2 Nov. 1960
Surprise Witness
Josh brings in outlaw Carlos Domingo but he has to be released when the witness against him is killed in front of Josh. Josh concocts a surprise witness to step forward to testify against the notorious killer - his own mother.
9 Nov. 1960
To the Victor
Josh is sent for by Sheriff Mike Strata and the desperate men of Coronado. He is hired for $500 to convince the women of the town to come back to their men when they leave demanding that all towns men give up their guns for good.
16 Nov. 1960
Criss Cross
Josh brings in a young man wanted for robbery but loses his reward and expenses. A well meaning Dr. pays an innocent man to take the blame for his son's robbery, but the son sets out to kill the man to make sure he never tells.
23 Nov. 1960
The Medicine Man
Josh arrives in a town for rest and to gamble just as the local bank has been robbed. A traveling medicine man known to Josh knows the whereabouts of the suspect and wants Josh to help because he thinks the suspect is innocent.
7 Dec. 1960
One Mother Too Many
A widow wants to hire/propose to Josh so she doesn't lose custody of her son. Josh served under her husband in the war. His mother tried to control him and now is trying to steal her grandson to raise him to take over the family fortune.
14 Dec. 1960
The Choice
A woman asks Josh, an old friend, to help find her husband Frank - a bounty hunter out to settle a score. She and Frank have been married for 25 years and Frank is slowing down. He wants to catch a young outlaw who shot him in the leg.
21 Dec. 1960
Three for One
When Randall has a sheriff bed a prisoner, the man's gang kidnaps the sheriff and two others and threatens to kill one per day until the man is freed as the deputy's girl pressures him to let the sheriff die as condition for marriage.
28 Dec. 1960
Witch Woman
In Mexico, Josh is hired to protect a sensible man and his pregnant wife from his father-in-law and the villagers who are angered when he refuses the town healing woman or "witch" from being present when his wife gives birth.
4 Jan. 1961
After Josh reluctantly takes the task of finding a man and his wife's pet ewe, he becomes the butt of many jokes in the community while cattlemen nearly hang him when he mentions sheep. His only clue is a gold bell the ewe wore.
11 Jan. 1961
The Last Retreat
When a convicted killer escapes prison, Josh is hired for $500 to protect the woman whose testimony put him there. The woman's husband is an attorney who says he has always been a coward and never carries a gun. Josh is not so sure.
25 Jan. 1961
Bounty on Josh
Josh rides into a town looking for a man who asked him to come there for a job that pays $500. When he goes to the man's room at the hotel, Josh is shot. He must figure out who shot him but the sheriff is ordering him out of town.
1 Feb. 1961
Hero in the Dust
Josh is hired by Harry Weaver to track down his twin brother Pete, who's wanted with a $500 bounty on him. Harry is tired of being used by Pete plus the law and bounty hunters are apt to mistake him for Pete resulting in his own death.
8 Feb. 1961
Josh is called in to track down a new outlaw - the local sheriff who is a friend. The good sheriff who was seduced into robbing a bank by his beautiful but deadly girlfriend, convinces Josh to let him assist in her capture.
15 Feb. 1961
The Voice of Silence
Josh reluctantly takes a job protecting a beautiful deaf, mute, teenage girl and keeping everyone off the father's place for a day or two. Although initially bored, Josh starts to develop a relationship with the friendly girl.
22 Feb. 1961
El Gato
Josh escorts an East Coast photographer to take a picture of his friend El Gato (The Cat), who is a famous, hilarious bandit living in the hills of Mexico with a small army. However, El Gato is new to photographs and leery.
1 Mar. 1961
A broke Josh is hired by a fearful man to help him elope with his sweetheart, Jane, the daughter of a local rancher. The girl's father is vehemently opposed to the marriage and hence the necessity for Josh to get involved.
8 Mar. 1961
Monday Morning
Josh takes a job for $200 protecting an express office employee who stole $10,000 and wants to return it before it's discovered missing. However, he had an accomplice in the robbery but he does not know where the accomplice is at.
15 Mar. 1961
The Long Search
A Japanese woman travels to the U.S. to find an American man who proposed to her in Japan and hires Josh to find him since no one will help her in her search. Josh is confronted by the Japanese man to whom she had been promised.
22 Mar. 1961
Dead Reckoning
Josh arrives in town thinking the sheriff summoned him to go after a man. Instead, a woman wants Josh to bring in the man, her wanted husband, alive, so he can prove self defense, but the brothers of the man he killed are out to hang him.
29 Mar. 1961
Barney's Bounty
Josh rides to Barney Durant's horse business to rent a couple of horses right after Barney pushes his son David to leave. When Josh's 2 bounty prisoners escape taking 2 horses from his horse trader friend, he helps in tracking them down.

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