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6 Sep. 1958
The Martin Poster
While pursuing Carl Martin, Josh stops at a marshal's office where Carl is being held. However, Josh interrupts a jail break involving Carl's brother Andy. Josh is falsely accused of aiding in the jailbreak and the marshal's murder.
13 Sep. 1958
Fatal Memory
When phony wanted posters put a price on the head of a retired Confederate officer, Colonel Sykes' daughter summons Josh Randall to help keep the bounty hunters at bay while also uncovering the person behind the bogus posters.
20 Sep. 1958
The Bounty
A reclusive old man with an Apache bodyguard is wanted for a crime committed long ago. Randall tags along with an overeager bounty hunter to ensure the man is brought back alive as a favor to the Sheriff and the old man.
27 Sep. 1958
Dead End
A ranch manager hires Randall to bring back a line rider charged with grand theft. The accused man's father joins Randall on the trek to the remote shack where the thief is thought to be hiding but tries to delay Randall on the way.
4 Oct. 1958
Passing of Shawnee Bill
Randall is rooked into advancing half the bounty to a man who promises to lead him to the wanted criminal Shawnee Bill, but Bill may be closer than Randall thinks and he's not even the only bounty hunter on his trail.
11 Oct. 1958
The Giveaway Gun
A banker with a consuming thirst for vengeance hires Randall to accompany him to track down the man he believes responsible for his son's death and a bank robbery. The man Randall seeks can be identified by his distinctive gun draw.
18 Oct. 1958
Ransom for a Nun
Randall is deputized to transport a ruthless killer to Tucson, but exchanges him for the nun kidnapped by the killer's gang. The nettlesome nun then becomes a thorn in his side as he sets out to recapture his prisoner.
25 Oct. 1958
Miracle at Pot Hole
Randall brings a suspected murderer to Pot Hole, but fears the man won't receive a fair trial when he finds the townspeople in the grip of a power-mad bully who serves as the hanging judge over a kangaroo court.
1 Nov. 1958
The Fourth Headstone
When Josh as a favor to a friend escorts a beautiful woman to a trial that could see her hang for killing her husband, her lover, and a foreman, she uses all her seductive charm on him to convince him she is really innocent.
8 Nov. 1958
Til Death Do Us Part
Josh is asked by Stacy Torrance for help when she finds a wanted poster under her door - for her for murder. She believes the posters are being put up by her husband, a riverboat conman, who she tried to murder after he mistreated her.
15 Nov. 1958
The Favor
Owing a favor to a sheriff, Josh agrees against better judgment to go to the lawless town of Bent Horn to bring back a man wanted for bank robbery and murder based on the word of another man who was involved in the robbery.
22 Nov. 1958
Josh sets out to help a heartbroken wife locate her missing husband, but his mission of mercy meets with a resistant and tight-lipped townspeople. Josh discovers another man is also seeking the missing husband, but with murder in mind.
29 Nov. 1958
Sheriff of Red Rock
Josh is bushwhacked by bounty hunters in cahoots with the local sheriff, who now must keep Josh from blowing the whistle on their illegal but lucrative "bounty game". He finds himself in jail with his quarry and as new quarry.
6 Dec. 1958
Die by the Gun
A sadistic pair of killers escape from prison who have no qualms about killing. They hijack the stagecoach Josh is riding with a young prisoner by felling a tree on its path. They decide to use Josh and the prisoner as hostages.
13 Dec. 1958
Rawhide Breed
Following an Indian attack on their stagecoach that kills his prisoner, Randall and an eastern gentleman unaccustomed to the ways of the West must trek to safety across many long, hot miles of hostile Apache territory.
20 Dec. 1958
Eight Cent Reward
On Christmas Eve Randall receives his most daunting assignment yet from a young boy who has eight cents to pay: bring in Santa Claus. Tricked into the job, Randall tries to make the best of a bad situation for the boy's family.
27 Dec. 1958
Drop to Drink
Thieves are lying in wait to ambush mail carriers and eventually Josh is hired to help insure that the mail will get through. The thieves have news about a $20,000 Diamond Ring that is being delivered which they are waiting for.

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