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  • Chicago Tribune, Tuesday, July 15, 1958, s. 2, p. 3, c. 3:


    by Lucy Key Miller

    Good Luck Charm

    Cary Grant has a treasure chest in which he keeps a souvenir from each of his motion pictures. When he and Ingrid Bergman reported for their first day's work in "Indiscreet," he presented her with a gayly wrapped package.

    This contained the key which played a vital part in Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious," another film in which they co-starred. "I'm not superstitious," said Cary. "But I hope this brings you luck this time, too."

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  • Chicago American, Monday, June 30, 1958, p. 9, c. 6:


    "Indiscreet," the Cary Grant-Ingrid Bergman starrer, opened last week (in the pouring rain) at New York's Radio City Music Hall. It chalked up the greatest opening day gross in the theater's 28-year history, breaking "Sayonara's" record by $9,500.

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