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  • No. Ivan the Terrible, parts one and two, was one of Harry Medved's surprising choices for "Fifty Worst Films of All Time." He collected the following quotations:

    "... a motionless motion picture. In some scenes only the slow movement of the eyeballs gives evidence of life." -- Virginia Wright, Los Angeles Daily News

    "... over-long and ponderous." -- Variety

    "... a series of dramatic tableux with rather choppy continuity and a minimum of subtlety in the characterization." -- Newsweek

    "... demoded, primitive acting that combines the weighty drama of early opera with the first rushes of The Great Train Robbery." -- Shirley O'Hara, The New Republic

    "... slow-paced to the point of discomfort. . . . The film appears to be more a curiosity than anything else, filled with plots rather than plot, done in a style that is supposedly monumental, and containing much rolling of eyes by leading Soviet actors." -- Saturday Review

    And then a quotation from Sergei M. Eisenstein himself:

    "I've missed my chance, I didn't die at the right time. What a monument you would have raised in my memory if I had died straight after The Battleship Potemkin! I've made a mess of my own biography!"

    From: Harry Medved, "The Fifty Worst Films of All Time (And How They Got That Way)," NY, 1978.

    See also: Ivan Groznyy (1944) (1944) and Bronenosets Potemkin (1925) (1925). Edit (Coming Soon)


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