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10 Jan. 1959
Client: Travers
Gunfighter-turned-lawyer Clay Culhane's first case takes him to Latigo, New Mexico. When he gets to town he discovers that it is run by a vindictive, vengeful and powerful rancher.
17 Jan. 1959
Client: Meade
A family argument that ends in a fight results in a man being charged with murder. He asks Clay to represent him.
24 Jan. 1959
Client: McQueen
An old friend of Clay's gets in touch with him, and tells him that he's lost his ranch to a crooked foreman. He asks Clay's help in getting it back.
31 Jan. 1959
Client: Dawes
Wealthy Ben Dawes sent for a mail-order bride, but instead of being married and happy he wound up married and dead. His brother hires Clay to check out Ben's new "wife", who is about to inherit all of Ben's considerable estate.
7 Feb. 1959
Client: Starkey
Pretty Joan Starkey comes to town looking to hire Clay to find her missing husband.
14 Feb. 1959
Client: Tagger
Roy Tagger is released from prison after serving many years for a murder he says he didn't commit. He asks Clay for help in clearing his name.
21 Feb. 1959
Client: Robinson
Young Wayne Robinson and his friends "celebrate" his birthday by going to the saloon for his first glass of whiskey., and winds up in a fight at the saloon because a loudmouth ridicules his religious beliefs. When Wayne's uncle--a fanatically religious man who has forbidden Wayne from drinking or going near the saloon--finds out what happened, he gives Wayne a public whipping in the middle of town. Later the loudmouth who started the brawl is found murdered, and Gib arrests Wayne for it. Clay doesn't believe Wayne did it and sets out to clear him before he's hanged ...
7 Mar. 1959
Client: Martinez
Culhane is hired to fight the extradition of Juan Martinez whom murderous lawmen in the employ of the current regime turn up in Latigo with papers to arrest and return the Mexican revolutionary to return to his homeland.
14 Mar. 1959
Client: Northrup
A former lawman who is now a ex-convict comes into town with his sick wife to get treatment for her. Marshal Scott tells them both to leave town and is about to force the issue, but Clay begs him to wait until the woman is better before forcing them out of town.
21 Mar. 1959
Client: Steele
Clay agrees to take on the case of Bill Steele, one of a trio being held in jail by Marshal Scott on robbery charges. But Steele has his own reason for wanting Clay as his lawyer.
28 Mar. 1959
Client: Mowery
Grat Mowery, a notorious gunfighter, is dying and asks Clay's help in writing his will, as he has a considerable sum of money to leave to his heirs. Culhana has no idea, however, that Mowery's "estate" consists of money stolen in a bank robbery in Durango.
4 Apr. 1959
Client: Braun
A crotchety old recluse hires Clay to get an injunction against trespassers coming onto his property. In the process of doing that, Clay is astounded to run into a famous general who was supposed to have died heroically in battle, but is now very much alive.
11 Apr. 1959
Client: Banks
Young Dick Banks is fascinated by guns, despite his father's opposition to them. Clay, seeing that the boy's growing interest in guns parallels his own start as a professional gunfighter, takes the boy under his wing.
18 Apr. 1959
Client: Jessup
Lon Jessup has been a trustworthy citizen in Latigo for many years, but now he was being tried for bank robbery and murder. Clay's able to get him off, but is surprised when his wife comes into town claiming Lon lied in court and tried to kill her when she wanted a divorce.
25 Apr. 1959
Client: Frome
A man who never came home from the Civil War and was declared legally dead suddenly shows up back in town. He finds that his wife has remarried and is in possession of everything he owns. He hires Clay to locate a particular legal document that will restore to him both his possessions and his wife.
2 May 1959
Client: Nelson
Clay comes upon two men engaged in a terrific brawl. After he separates them, he learns that each claims he is a lawman and that the other is a notorious outlaw who is his prisoner. Later, in town, he learns that one of the men is Nora's brother-in-law.
9 May 1959
Client: Neal Adams
Neal Adams, an old friend of Clay's, shows up injured and pursued by a bounty hunter for a crime Neal says he didn't commit. He asks Clay for help in proving him innocent of the crime before the bounty hunter finds him and kills him.
16 May 1959
Client: Brand
Brand rides into town and kills a man he says was trying to kill him. Clay and Nora both say he killed in self-defense, so he's let off but ordered out of town by sundown - six o'clock. Clay proceeds to try to talk Marshal Scott out of having a showdown with him because he knows the Marshal is too slow. But the Marshal is stubborn and orders Clay to stay out of his business. But when Brand stats treating others unkindly.
23 May 1959
Client: Reynolds
Trouble erupts between two women and a greedy gambler.
30 May 1959
Client: Vardon
Frank Vardon, a disgruntled teller at the Latigo Bank, gets together with his friend Roy Corey and plans a fake hold-up of the bank, in which Roy will be the bank robber and Frank will hand over all the money. At the last minute, however, Frank backs out, and when Roy insists on going through with the plan, Frank pulls out a gun and fires at him. Wounded, Roy stumbles outside where he sees Clay and shoots at him, forcing Clay to fire back. As he lay dying, Roy exposes his and Frank's scheme. Marshal Scott arrests Frank, but Clay decides to defend him.
2 Oct. 1959
The Freebooters
The corrupt Maj. Pryor takes over the town, and kills Nora's father.
9 Oct. 1959
The Saddle
Culhane aids Marshal Scott in capturing three escaped convicts. He is stunned to discover that one of them is the son of Judge McKinney, the man who originally encouraged him to become a lawyer.
16 Oct. 1959
The Long Rider
On his way to Albuquerque, Marshal Scott's horse goes lame, and he gets a ride in a passing wagon train. The train son comes across a woman and two men, one of whom is injured, traveling on foot. The wagon train master, Pa Scales, informs Scott that one of the men is a wanted criminal.
23 Oct. 1959
The Hotel
Nora returns from San Francisco and announces she plans to sell the hotel and move to San Francisco for good. Clay and Marshal Scott set out to change her mind.
30 Oct. 1959
Client: Peter Warren
Peter Warren is arrested for the murder of his wife's aunt. He's found not guilty by the law, but the town - and his estranged wife - still think he's guilty.
6 Nov. 1959
The Freight Line
After her partner dies, Nora becomes the sole owner of the freight line. Unfortunately, her partner was murdered by someone who didn't want the freight line in Latigo. Clay and Marshal Scott both work at convincing her to give it up before more people are murdered.
13 Nov. 1959
After Murdock is found not guilty for the murder of a couple in Latigo, his step-son admits that he is terrified because he knows Murdock did commit the murders. Unfortunately, it's a case of double jeopardy and Marshal Scott is very, very upset about the injustice that has been done.
20 Nov. 1959
Apache Trail
Apache chief Ulzana comes looking for Sam King, whom he claims whipped his wife. He holds Clay and Nora as hostages until King arrives.
27 Nov. 1959
Four from Stillwater
En route to the town of Stillwater, Clay finds that one of his friends, an ex-gunfighter, has been lynched by four local men. When he gets to town to report it he discovers that the town has no lawman and that no one wants to talk about the hanging. He discovers that the townsmen know who did it and also found that they had hanged an innocent man and are covering it up. Clay sets out to find the men who lynched his friend and bring them to justice, one way or another.
4 Dec. 1959
The Deal
After his brother is arrested for bank robbery and murder, Pete shows up in town and assures the marshal they are good boys. But things soon take a turn for the worst when Nora is held captive until Joey Hooker is released.
11 Dec. 1959
Change of Venue
Carla Doyle is looking for revenge against Tom Brandon, whom she believes was responsible for the murder of her sister, Maria.
1 Dec. 1959
Blood Money
George Baker, a rancher who is a respected pillar of the community, turns out to have been a wanted man before he settled down in Latigo, as the town discovers when a bounty hunter shoots him for the reward. Marshal Scott arrests him, but George's wife, wanting revenge, sends for George's brother, a vicious outlaw who heads a gang of killers. Gib tries to raise a posse to defend the bounty hunter from the approaching gang, but no one in town wants to risk his life for the man who killed their friend.

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