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Season 4

30 Sep. 1962
The Chinese Girl
When Dennis becomes friendly with the Wilsons' houseguest, a little Chinese girl, Margaret becomes jealous of Dennis' attention to her.
7 Oct. 1962
You Go Your Way
When Dennis overhears and repeats part of a conversation between John and Eloise in which they decide to no longer play cards together, rumors around the neighborhood begin to fly that the Wilsons are splitting up. With the belief that Mr. Wilson is now single, Miss Cathcart and Miss Tarbell compete for his affections with the help of Dennis.
14 Oct. 1962
Dennis and the Circular Circumstances
With Dennis needing to earn a dollar to buy a toy laser gun but not being old enough for a job delivering circulars for Mrs. Elkins, Mr. Wilson pulls some strings to get Dennis the job (and also get him out of his hair). After quickly finishing the job, some damning evidence leads everyone to believe that Dennis took the money without doing the work.
21 Oct. 1962
The Little Judge
It's Children's Day in Court, and Dennis is the Judge! Mr Wilson goes to court to dispute a ticket he received for violating a city ordinance.
28 Oct. 1962
Poor Mr. Wilson
Believing that Mr. Wilson is broke, Dennis goes all out to help his friend. This includes buying groceries for the Wilsons and leaving them on their doorstep; and putting on a show with his friends, using the admission fees to make money for Mr. Wilson.
4 Nov. 1962
Dennis in Gypsyland
Mr. Wilson wants to interview several gypsies for an article he's writing, but the gypsies are suspicious of outsiders. So he disguises himself as a gypsy in order to meet with them.
11 Nov. 1962
The New Principal
Dennis makes a bad impression on the new school principal and as a result, is not allowed to pitch in the championship baseball game.
18 Nov. 1962
San Diego Safari
Dennis, along with his parents and the Wilsons, visits the San Diego Zoo to bring back a chimpanzee for their town zoo. However, the chimp causes a ruckus at the motel where they are staying overnight.
25 Nov. 1962
Dennis at Boot Camp
While still in San Diego, the Wilsons receive a visit from their nephew, Ted, a young sailor. When Dennis and Mr. Wilson get stuck in back of a laundry truck returning to the Naval base, their attempt to escape leads to the confusion of Mr. Wilson's being mistaken for an expected demolitions expert.
2 Dec. 1962
Henry's New Job
Henry decides to leave his job at Trask Engineering, which means an overseas move for the family.
16 Dec. 1962
Wilson's Second Childhood
To do research on an article he's writing about children's behavior, Mr. Wilson spends a strenuous day playing with Dennis and Dennis's friends.
23 Dec. 1962
Jane Butterfield Says
John Wilson has taken over writing the advice column for the local paper. However, complications arise when he unwittingly gives advice to two women - Miss Cathcart and Miss Tarbell - who are out to catch the same man, Sergeant Mooney.
30 Dec. 1962
Dennis and the Hermit
Dennis befriends a hermit who may be a Civil War veteran -- and whom Mr. Wilson would like to interview.
6 Jan. 1963
My Uncle Ned
Mr. Wilson has written a book about his eccentric Uncle Ned. But Uncle Ned thinks the stories in the book are incorrect, and refuses to sign a release for it to be published.
13 Jan. 1963
Junior Astronaut
Dennis and his classmates eagerly participate in a "Junior Astronaut" savings-stamp program. The child who buys the most stamps will win a trip to Cape Canaveral to meet an astronaut.
20 Jan. 1963
Wilson's Little White Lie
John Wilson pretends to be sick in order to avoid Dennis. However, Dennis is seriously worried by Mr. Wilson's "illness", and spreads the word around town, leading to several concerned visitors.
27 Jan. 1963
Dennis the Rainmaker
Henry does not want to play golf with his boss and hopes it will rain. He is even willing to pay for it. Dennis and Tommy perform rain dances to get it to rain despite the fact that it has been rainless for ten days.
3 Feb. 1963
The Creature with Big Feet
Mr Wilson reads in the paper that a monster has been seen in town. Since his editor wants exciting stories, Mr Wilson decides to add to the story when he sees large footprints in the back yard. Dennis has a new novelty toy - large fake feet
10 Feb. 1963
Dennis, the Confused Cupid
Dennis is curious about what "falling in love" means. And the fights and reconciliations of three couples - his parents, the Wilsons, and a teenage couple - only makes him more confused.
17 Feb. 1963
Dennis Goes to Washington
When Dennis is appointed by the mayor to go to Washington, DC to ask their state senator to make the local forest a national park, Mr. Wilson believes his own Washington contacts can help.
24 Feb. 1963
The Big Basketball Game
Stretch Nichols, the school basketball team's star player, quits the team after being teased about his height and worn-out clothes one time too many. A sympathetic Dennis persuades Mr. Quigley to help by buying Stretch new clothes and giving him an after-school job, so that Stretch will feel better about himself and rejoin the team in time for the big game.
3 Mar. 1963
Wilson's Allergy
Mr Wilson develops an allergy and the doctor cannot figure out what is the irritant. Mr Wilson soon realizes it might be an allergy to Dennis since that is the only time he sneezes.
10 Mar. 1963
Baby Booties
When Dennis sees Mrs. Wilson knitting booties (for Mr. Wilson's golf clubs), he jumps to the conclusion that the Wilsons are about to have a baby, and innocently spreads the word all over town.
17 Mar. 1963
My Four Boys
In order to claim a prize, Mr. Wilson must make good on his claim that he has four sons. So he recruits Dennis and three of Dennis's friends for the roles.
24 Mar. 1963
Dennis and the Homing Pigeons
Dennis and Tommy use homing pigeons to send messages to each other. They use a piece of paper from Mr Wilson that has an important note on it.
31 Mar. 1963
A Tax on Cats
A neighbor's cat is bothering Mr Wilson; he thinks cats are a nuisance. When he finds out there is an ordinance that requires cats to be licensed, he unwillingly volunteers to do the job of rounding them up.
7 Apr. 1963
The Uninvited Guest
While his parents are out of town, Dennis has to stay overnight at the Wilsons' house. John Wilson is not pleased about this. And the added complication of a burglar in the neighborhood is making him even more nervous.
14 Apr. 1963
Dennis Plays Robin Hood
In a case of mistaken property, Dennis takes Mr Wilson's lawn edger to give his father. When Mr Wilson finds his edger is missing, he takes one from Mrs Elkins.
21 Apr. 1963
The Three F's
Mr Wilson goes back to grade school as a student with Dennis after he complains the city spends to much on frivolous items for school. He wants to see first hand where the city is wasting money.
28 Apr. 1963
Never Say Dye
Mr Wilson has a chance to write a biography of a famous author by pretending he is a young and vigorous. When the actress visits, he needs to dye his hair black to look younger. Dennis & Tommy mix up the bottles of hair dye.
5 May 1963
The Lost Dog
Dennis finds a stray dog and wants to keep him. In one day, the dog causes a lot of problems.
12 May 1963
Tuxedo Trouble
Mr Wilson asks Dennis to take his tuxedo to the cleaners. Instead, Dennis and Seymour wash it in an old washing machine.
19 May 1963
Hawaiian Love Song
Henry gets a bonus at work, and when airline tickets to Hawaii arrive in the mail, Alice thinks the tickets are for Henry and her. However, Mr Wilson purchased the tickets as a surprise for Mrs Wilson and had them mailed to the Mitchells.
26 May 1963
The Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Dennis has a rabbit's foot that he swears brings him good luck. When Mr Wilson has some bad luck, Dennis offers the rabbit's foot to Mr Wilson, but it seems to backfire.
2 Jun. 1963
Listen to the Mockingbird
The first mockingbird of the season stays in a tree in Mr Wilson's backyard. Mr Wilson decides to run for president of the Birdwatchers Society, but has conflicts when he tries to run the bird off from his property.
9 Jun. 1963
First Editions
In order to buy an expensive camera, Mr. Wilson decides to sell his collection of first editions.
16 Jun. 1963
A Man Among Men
Henry has to go on a business trip, and he tells Dennis he has to be the man of the house. Meanwhile, Mr Wilson tries to get a local store to display the book of articles he has written. All sales of the book would go to the Red Cross.
7 Jul. 1963
Aunt Emma Visits the Wilsons
Concerned that Eloise will be destitute if he should pass away suddenly, John Wilson hopes that his Aunt Emma will leave her money to him, so that he can in turn provide for Eloise. However, when Aunt Emma and Dennis become friends, Mr. Wilson fears that Dennis will inherit Aunt Emma's money instead.

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