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Season 1

23 Oct. 1959
The High Cost of Justice
When a dance hall girl is found dead near a Gurney Mills's cabin, the townspeople, led by blowhard O.K. Lassiter, are convinced that the simple- minded man is guilty of murder. Sundance is convinced his friend is innocent and tries to hide him inside his hotel until the circuit judge arrives to try him by jury instead of by lynch mob.
30 Oct. 1959
Return of Monique
Monique Devereaux returns from France with her fiancée. Sundance recognizes him to be an ex-convict he served jail time with who earned his parole by organizing a jailbreak and then tipping the warden the night the escape was supposed to take place.
27 Nov. 1959
The Man Who Believed in Law
Tired of gun law, the citizens of Georgetown hire a former sheriff to clean up the town, but the crime wave only escalates after the man is sworn in.
1 Jan. 1960
Sundance and the Blood Money
When a bounty hunter captures the man wanted for robbing and murdering three miners, Sundance agrees to allow the criminal to be locked in the Hotel de Paree's basement overnight. Little do the townspeople know, but the "bounty hunter" is really the owlhoot's partner, who has already collected the reward and now plans to rescue the criminal.
22 Jan. 1960
Sundance Goes to Kill
Sundance rides to capture the man responsible for framing a friend for murder.
26 Feb. 1960
Sundance and the Greenhorn Trader
When Beartracks Conlon fails to return at the end of the trapping season, Sundance and Aaron travel to mountains to locate him. They find the old codger laid up in a cabin with a broken leg and agree to sell his belts for him. A greenhorn trader and a wily Indian chief soon teach the pair about the economic law of supply and demand.
22 Apr. 1960
Sundance and the Long Trek
Sundance is arrested in Georgetown for the murder of a singer that he wanted to hire for his casino. The posse returning him to Denver include the singer's manager and fiancée, both of whom would prefer that he die before standing trial.
27 May 1960
Sundance and the Fallen Sparrow
Annette feels sorry for an alcoholic woman who wanders into the hotel's bar and offers her a job as a waitress. The Prentiss boys have other ideas and ply her with alcohol to make her more amenable to living with them at their remote shack.

 Season 1 

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