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Season 4

26 Sep. 1962
A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to a Funny Thing
A misunderstanding results in Maynard being committed to a mental hospital. Dobie is determined to bust out his good buddy by impersonating iconic television doctor Ben Casey.
3 Oct. 1962
What's a Little Murder Between Friends
Tuesday Weld returns to her role as Thalia for this atmospheric outing set in a large mansion on a dark and stormy night. After making Thalia the beneficiary of his GI insurance policy, Dobie becomes paranoid people are plotting to kill him.
10 Oct. 1962
Northern Comfort
Dobie's southern-fried cousin Virgil comes north to start a music career and in order to get the electric guitar, fancy threads, leggy girl and loot to launch he lays on the charm as thick and sweet as a mint julep.
17 Oct. 1962
The Ugliest American
Dr. Burkhart's anthropology class field trip takes Dobie and Maynard to the heart of the Amazon. While Dobie is off buying a shrunken head to impress beautiful classmate Clydene, Maynard mysteriously disappears.
24 Oct. 1962
A Splinter Off the Old Block
To win the sympathies of Clarissa, Duncan Gillis tells her that his cousin Dobie is an alcoholic, a role Dobie is eager to play if it means being rehabilitated by a young Ellen Burstyn as an idealistic social worker.
31 Oct. 1962
What Makes the Varsity Drag?
To win the attentions of beautiful Lottie Lee, Dobie joins the school football team and immediately finds himself the target of Lottie's jealous brute of a boyfriend, the quarterback for the opposing team in the upcoming big game.
7 Nov. 1962
Like Hi, Explosives
Maynard and Duncan set out in the grocery truck to make a delivery, not realizing their cargo is a highly combustible container of nitroglycerine.
14 Nov. 1962
Where Is Thy Sting?
Dobie plays sick to sucker some succor from pre-med student Emily. But oh what a tangled web Dobie weaves when first he practiced to deceive.
21 Nov. 1962
Flow Gently, Sweet Money
Dobie has asked Linda Sue Faversham to marry him sixty-one times, and she has turned him down sixty-one times, primarily because she says she needs to marry someone with money to be able to support her family of poor derelicts, and Dobie has zero prospect as a money making husband. But on proposal number sixty-two, cash register-for-a-heart Linda Sue surprisingly says yes for what she considers a screwy reason: love. Her change of heart is because she is passing the torch of finding the money making husband to her younger sister, Amanda Jean. Amanda Jean seems to be ...
28 Nov. 1962
Strictly for the Birds
To win the affections of his patriotic dreamgirl Betsy, Dobie must pass Dr. Burkhart's rigorous American History exam. Dobie and Maynard plan to wing it with the help of Arthur the mynah bird.
5 Dec. 1962
The Iceman Goeth
Maynard and Duncan go on the lam after accidentally locking Mr. Gillis in the freezer and thinking they've killed him. Meanwhile, Dobie and Mr. Gillis come under suspicion in the disappearance of Duncan.
12 Dec. 1962
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Gillis
Maynard will be expelled from S. Peter Pryor College unless he passes a comprehensive exam. Desperate, he sneaks a drink of Professor Dartmoor's LYC-13 formula that can make a man a genius, but too much of which can make a man a monster. Bottoms up!
19 Dec. 1962
Will the Real Santa Claus Please Come Down the Chimney?
The Gilleses believe that the time has come to disabuse Maynard of his belief in Santa Claus and set in motion an elaborate scheme to accomplish the task.
2 Jan. 1963
Who Did William Tell?
The Milano Opera Company comes to Pryor College to perform William Tell and Duncan falls for the beautiful lead singer and runs afoul of her boyfriend, the fiery Farino.
9 Jan. 1963
Too Many Kooks Spoil the Broth
That southern-fried fink Virgil T. Gillis comes to town and sets to stealing Dobie's girl Cecily by toadying to her father and selling his Quickee Cookers with a smile and a song.
16 Jan. 1963
Vocal Boy Makes Good
Dobie beats Maynard out for a temporary position as a member of the vocal group, The Lettermen. The Lettermen appear as themselves.
23 Jan. 1963
All Right, Dobie, Drop the Gun
Escaped convict Clyde "The Goon" Calhoun and his moll Patsy are on the lam and holing up at the Gillises, holding the family hostage while awaiting Big Louie's arrival. A satire of the hard-boiled crime dramas of the day.
30 Jan. 1963
And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
Dobie scores a gig spinning sides for the campus radio station and is soon offered payola to pump the open-toed sandal songs of folksinger Prudence Virtue. Determined to sway Dobie's savage heart with song, Zelda records and performs "Come a Little Closer."
6 Feb. 1963
Two for the Whipsaw
Chatsworth pays Dobie $200 to impersonate him at a stuffy dinner party, but Dobie's deception isn't the only one on the evening's menu.
13 Feb. 1963
The Moon and No Pence
Dobie attracts the affections of an eccentric Russian girl who wants only to dance barefoot in the moonlight wearing gossamer robes. Conversely, Zelda is determined to transform Dobie into the boy in the gray flannel suit.
20 Feb. 1963
The Beast with Twenty Fingers
Maynard and Mr. Gillis' pinkies become entrapped in a Gypsy Love Link bought from a band of novelty-selling Gypsies. While Mr. Gillis and Maynard (beardless and in drag!) attend the grocer's convention, Dobie sets out in search of the secret to unlocking them (but ends up locking lips with the fiery Natasha).
27 Feb. 1963
Thanks for the Memory
After the several thousand times that Zelda has tried to nab Dobie as her guy, Dobie finally relents. But this time, Zelda turns him down. Why?: because she feels he will always be a dead weight in her life, pulling in an opposite direction from her. Zelda changes her mind after a beautiful young and wealthy woman named Claypool enters their class, she who wants Dobie for exactly the reason that Zelda didn't want him. Dobie is in a conundrum as he can choose Claypool, a beautiful woman he loves at first sight but will be relatively useless to him otherwise, or Zelda, ...
6 Mar. 1963
Three Million Coins in the Fountain
The Osbornes awake to find themselves bankrupt! But crafty Chatsworth is quick to cook up a scheme that will keep their parsnips buttered.
13 Mar. 1963
Beethoven, Presley and Me
A music publisher and a radio disc jockey possess a mechanical marvel (played by Robby the Robot) that can guarantee hit records. While Virgil T. Gillis is attempting to sell them his southern-fried songs, Maynard monkeys with the machine and is transformed into a robot.
20 Mar. 1963
The Little Chimp That Couldn't
Maynard commits to teaching tricks to Seymour the chimp to keep the college from selling the little fellow to a medical school.
27 Mar. 1963
There's Always Room for One Less
Chatsworth Osborne. Jr. is asked to remove himself from his place of residence (that request came from his mother) and finds himself rooming at the Gillis home, where his champagne tastes threaten to bust their beer budget. And is there criminal activity underway in the upstairs room?
3 Apr. 1963
The General Cried at Dawn
Dobie and Maynard go from the frying pan to the firing squad! While vacationing in the banana republic of Boca Dolce, the boys are abducted and Maynard is forced to impersonate his look-alike, General Ramon, a fearless leader known as El Tigre.
10 Apr. 1963
Now I Lay Me Down to Steal
Dobie, Maynard and Mr. Gillis are begrudgingly invited to spend the weekend at Osborne Manor, a visit that coincides with several puzzling robberies. Could our Maynard be a sleepwalking kleptomaniac?
17 Apr. 1963
Lassie, Get Lost
When the beautiful Valentine Van Loon broadcasts a plea and a reward for the return of her lost dog Boo Boo, it becomes father vs. son to be the first to find and return the pooch, Dobie for romantic reasons and Mr. Gillis for the hard, cold cash.
24 Apr. 1963
The Rice-and-Old Shoes Caper
Dobie tells the story of how and why Maynard and Zelda are standing in front of a J.P. about to be married. At Zelda's recent 21st birthday, Zelda implied that the best present she could receive would be to marry Dobie, while Dobie in turn implied that that would never happen. As such, Zelda told Dobie she would embark on a plan to marry him that would involve Maynard. Maynard's most prized possession is his freedom, and Dobie, as his best friend, would never let that freedom be taken away from him. So if Zelda was able to get Maynard to propose to her, Dobie would ...
1 May 1963
Requiem for an Underweight Heavyweight
Pills containing the concentrated essence of the Galapagos Island turtle transform Maynard into the powerhouse prizefighter "Killer Krebs."
8 May 1963
I Was a Spy for the F.O.B.
The Gillises and Maynard are on vacation in Washington DC. There, Maynard is pursued romantically by a beautiful woman name Veronica Vanderheit, only because she believes he is the world famous rocket scientist Dr. Henry Fahrenheit. Dobie encourages her pursuit of Maynard despite her misidentification of Maynard as Dr. Fahrenheit only because he believes he himself can woo her in the process. Dobie and Maynard learn from federal agents that she is really a foreign spy, who is not averse to killing for what she wants, in this case the top secret formula for the rocket ...
15 May 1963
There's a Broken Light for Every Heart on Broadway
When Maynard G. Krebs plays impresario to an ingénue singer a star is born, but behind every silver lining is a cloud.
22 May 1963
Beauty Is Only Kin Deep
The Gillises give frumpy Dr. Burkhart an extreme makeover in the hope of provoking a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend.
29 May 1963
The Call of the Like Wild
When Maynard confuses a musk ox-derived love potion for his hair tonic he becomes the irresistible desire of every woman. The mercenary Mr. Gillis hopes to capitalize on his catapulting Maynard to Hollywood stardom.
5 Jun. 1963
The Devil and Dobie Gillis
Chatsworth approaches Dobie with a scheme to rig the raffle at the Osborne charity bazaar and split the $5,000 prize. Will the allure of all that filthy lucre lead the perpetually poor Dobie down the road to perdition?

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