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(1959– )

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Season 1

29 Oct. 1959
The End of Kalmine
Dawson wants to take down notorious crime boss Kalmine. He decides the way to do that is to focus on Kalmine's many fake businesses through which he launders his profits from illegal activities.
Dawson has cause to demote one of his officers which sends the man over the edge. He begins planning his his revenge, intending to exacting a painful death on Dawson.
A homicidal man has killed three people so far is and is fighting the urge to murder a fourth person. Dawson learns of the criminal's intentions and is in a race against time to stop him.
31 Dec. 1959
Fight Game
The sport of boxing is rife with corruption and it takes a courageous person to demand fairness. When a clean manager is murdered Dawson is determined to find his murderers and destroy the syndicate organizing fights.
Master Plan
A criminal uses electronic surveillance to blackmail his victims. Dawson is at a loss on how to stop him as no one will testify against him. Finally one brave agrees to press charges.
21 Jan. 1960
Three X
A murderous maniac has already killed six prominent citizens and promises more victims. Col. Dawson is determined to find him and suspects a newspaper editor is withholding information about the criminal.
The Big Shot
When a former crime boss is released from prison he is intent on regaining his top position. But when he encounters resistance he decides Col. Dawson is an obstacle and vows to eliminate him.
One by One
A self proclaimed spiritualist Ella Simpson vows vengeance after her execution. Dawson takes on the baffling case when the jurors on her case start dying. The police officer must discover the answer before the next death occurs.
Thief of the City
To discredit Dawson, crime big shots conspire to throw a group of poor families out of a tenement house slated for demolition, knowing they have no where to go, and will instead mount a violent defense of their home. Shooters are planted among the people to provoke a shootout with the cops.
Hired to Kill a Cop
After an undercover cop working for Dawson is murdered, a tape recorder he was carrying reveals the killer. He in turn is killed by order of his boss, a kingpin in a gambling ring. Dawson tails other members of the gang, but they are able to confound the police with duplicate cars-for a while.
Accessory to Murder
A lawyer forced to work with the mob is witness to a killing but is afraid to testify as to what he saw.
Lucky Dawson
Dawson must stop the infighting among a crime syndicate before it spills over into the general public.

 Season 1 

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