On the Beach (1959) Poster


Gregory Peck: Cmdr. Dwight Lionel Towers



  • Dwight Towers : Mr. Osborne, he's doing a good job for us. He's not used to this kind of duty. He's not feeling well; just a little claustrophobia.

    Lungren : Beg your pardon, sir?

    Dwight Towers : Professor needs a drink.

  • Moira Davidson : All I want to know is: if everybody was so smart, why didn't they know what would happen?

    Dwight Towers : They did.

    Moira Davidson : Well, I - I can't take it. I - oh, yes, I can take it! But, it's unfair. It's unfair because I didn't do anything. And nobody I know did anything.

  • Moira Davidson : A very nice man asked me to wait here. I don't think he knew what to do with me.

    Dwight Towers : That's debatable.

  • Dwight Towers : Well... how'd you recognize me?

    Moira Davidson : I love Americans. They're so naive.

  • [first lines] 

    Dwight Towers : Prepare to surface.

  • Moira Davidson : You know, I think I've discovered why you fascinate me. Shall I tell you?

    Dwight Towers : Uh-huh.

    Moira Davidson : Because you take me for granted. I know women aren't supposed to like that sort of thing, but somehow I do. I've been treated in every other way. Like a child. And sometimes like - well, like things I've probably deserved. But I've never been pushed around in - in such a nice way and treated something like a wife. - - I suppose what I mean is - like an American wife.

  • Dwight Towers : Is your invitation to spread a little fertilizer still open?

    Moira Davidson : [Smiles, laughs]  Can you stay for a few day?

  • Moira Davidson : You're looking for me.

    Moira Davidson : Am I?

    Dwight Towers : I'm Moira Davidson. M-O-I-R-A. It was a very fashionable name when... my mother was young and impressionable. I'm a throwback.

  • Dwight Towers : Where's Holmes?

    Moira Davidson : Oh, he's decking the halls with holly. He sent me for better or worse.

    Dwight Towers : Better, I'd say.

    Moira Davidson : I'm your date - or, whatever you call it.

  • Dwight Towers : Is there a place where I might stop where I can get a little breakfast?

    Moira Davidson : What?

    Dwight Towers : A little breakfast.

    Moira Davidson : Do you mean that in addition to everything else, I have to watch you eat bacon and eggs and all that muck?

  • Dwight Towers : [to Moira]  Well, you can't go down in a submarine in that ballet costume.

  • Moira Davidson : When the dentist is drilling your tooth, what do you think about? The nicest thing or sex or what?

    Dwight Towers : Fishing. Trout fishing - in a clean mountain stream.

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