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4 Jan. 1965
Barney Fife, Realtor
Barney decides to try his hand at the real estate business. He has a plan that will net him commissions on three sales. Crucial to the deal is Andy selling his house and buying another.
11 Jan. 1965
Goober Takes a Car Apart
While Barney is on vacation in Raleigh, Andy needs to find someone to fill as a temporary deputy. When Andy himself has to go to a sheriff safety conference for a few days. Nobody is available, so he is stuck with Goober. Goober doesn't take the job seriously (still working at the filling station). It gets so bad that Goober begins to work on cars at the sheriff's office and even ends up completely dismantling a car right inside the courthouse.
18 Jan. 1965
The Rehabilitation of Otis
Barney tries to rehabilitate Otis after he rides a cow, thinking it is a horse. Barney arrests Otis when it happens again, even using handcuffs. Otis leaves town and vows to never return.
25 Jan. 1965
The Lucky Letter
Barney gets a chain letter that predicts bad luck it he doesn't make copies and send them to friends. To prove to Andy that he's not superstitious, he doesn't send any. A constant stream of back luck is the result. Things look bad when he has a marksmanship test coming up, which he has to pass in order to keep his job.
1 Feb. 1965
Goober and the Art of Love
When Andy and Barney get tired of Goober tagging along on their dates, they decide to try teaching him how to act around women and then get him to ask a girl on a date. It proves to be quite a project.
8 Feb. 1965
Barney Runs for Sheriff
Barney decides to run for sheriff when he thinks Andy is leaving Mayberry. When Andy ends up staying, Barney ends up running against him.
15 Feb. 1965
If I Had a Quarter Million Dollars
Barney finds $250,000 from a bank heist, then goes undercover to find the robber.
1 Mar. 1965
TV or Not TV
After Andy is profiled in a national sheriff's magazine as the 'Sheriff Without A Gun', a television production team comes to town to research a possible TV show about Mayberry's sheriff department. Andy suspects something's up when they spend a lot of time checking out the bank.
8 Mar. 1965
Guest in the House
Helen gets jealous when a very attractive friend of the family visits the Taylor household for a few days.
15 Mar. 1965
The Case of the Punch in the Nose
Barney finds an old police file about an assault between Floyd and Charles Foley from 19 years before. He refuses to let it go and stirs up a hornet's nest by investigating the case.
22 Mar. 1965
Opie's Newspaper
When nobody buys Opie's newspaper, Andy and Barney encourage him to print more interesting stories. Opie solves his circulation problem by publishing all the scandalous gossip from around town.
29 Mar. 1965
Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau
After Clara gives Aunt Bee the idea that her presence is preventing Andy and Helen from getting married, Aunt Bee names a married man as her imaginary beau.
5 Apr. 1965
The Arrest of the Fun Girls
Two flashy girls from Mount Pilot get a speeding ticket and cause romantic complications for Andy and Barney.
12 Apr. 1965
The Luck of Newton Munroe
A traveling salesman is plagued with bad luck.
19 Apr. 1965
Opie Flunks Arithmetic
When Helen tells Andy Opie isn't doing too well in math, he's pretty relaxed about it. She recommends that Opie should do a bit more homework and he agrees. Barney, however, thinks Andy's attitude is completely off base. Barney starts talking about how Opie may not get into college and the like and gets Aunt Bee all worried. Soon, Andy is just as stressed and he tells Opie to buckle down and cut out the play time. Helen soon reports to him that since they last spoke of Opie, he is actually doing much worse and not only in math. Andy can't understand since he's been ...
26 Apr. 1965
Opie and the Carnival
Opie tries to win Andy a birthday present at the carnival's shooting gallery but gets ripped off for all his money by a pair of hucksters using guns with crooked sights.
3 May 1965
Banjo-Playing Deputy
A destitute banjo player fills in for Barney.
13 Sep. 1965
Opie's Job
Opie tries to get a job delivering groceries to pay for getting his bike fixed. He competes with another boy for it, but finds out the other boy needs the money to help his family.
20 Sep. 1965
Andy's Rival
Andy gets jealous when a big-city teacher arrives to work with Helen and ends up spending several evenings with her.
27 Sep. 1965
Malcolm at the Crossroads
Malcolm Merriweather returns to Mayberry, announcing that he plans to live there permanently. Andy gives him the job of school crossing guard after firing Ernest T. Bass from the job for throwing rocks at cars. Ernest T. challenges Malcolm to a fight which he accepts, even though he can't fight.
4 Oct. 1965
Aunt Bee, the Swinger
Aunt Bee and her new beau go out on the town.
11 Oct. 1965
The Bazaar
Andy's eager new deputy jails Aunt Bee and her friends for illegal gambling when they have a bingo game at their church bazaar.
18 Oct. 1965
A Warning from Warren
Warren's ESP warns that a picnic will be a disaster for Andy and Helen.
25 Oct. 1965
Off to Hollywood
A movie company is going to make film about Andy, and the Taylors take a trip to Hollywood to see the production.
1 Nov. 1965
The Taylors in Hollywood
The Taylors arrive in Hollywood and meet the production team that is making the movie 'Sheriff Without A Gun'.
8 Nov. 1965
The Hollywood Party
After Helen gets upset about a publicity picture of Andy and a pretty actress from the movie, Andy tries to get back at Helen by going on a date with the actress. When Helen calls to apologize, Opie tells her about the date.
15 Nov. 1965
Aunt Bee on TV
Aunt Bee wins big on a TV quiz show.
22 Nov. 1965
The Cannon
Warren's ignorance about cannons helps catch two thieves.
29 Nov. 1965
A Man's Best Friend
Opie and his new friend Tommy are having fun with the new boy's miniature walkie-talkies. They listen in on conversations and the like but Tommy has a sense of humor that not everyone appreciates. When Goober adopts a stray dog, they hide one of the walkie-talkies in the animal's collar and soon the gullible mechanic thinks he has a talking dog. Goober soon makes a fool of himself and the boys think it's quite funny. Andy tries to impress upon them that humiliating people is not funny and teaches Tommy a lesson in what it feels like to be the butt of someone's ...
6 Dec. 1965
Aunt Bee Takes a Job
Aunt Bee takes a part-time job at a printing shop that has just opened in town. When Andy notices, among other things, that they print business cards with green ink, he figures out just what they're in the business of printing!
13 Dec. 1965
The Church Organ
When the old church organ heaves its last note, Warren finds an ad for a used one placed by a local farmer, and Andy gets pledges from local businessmen to supplement what's in the church fund to pay for it. When it's time to collect on the pledges, all Andy gets are excuses. But the farmer can't afford to budge on the price. The church organist herself, Clara, relies on her intuition to supply a solution.
20 Dec. 1965
Girl Shy
After watching a TV show about a suave adventurer, Warren becomes like the character while sleepwalking and tries to romance Helen. When he wakes up, he doesn't remember a thing.

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