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6 Oct. 1960
The French Touch
Angel, getting used to American ways goes shopping for a dinner party. Believing one is supposed to haggle she's proud of the money saved. But John says it's not necessary. After she buys expensive clothes she's confused why John's angry.
17 Nov. 1960
When a contractor threatens changes to zoning regulations in order to build an apartment house, Angel sets up a table in the street to collect signatures on a petition.
1 Dec. 1960
The Contest
Angel and three friends form a club to enter contests, planning to split the spoils if they win; but their prize turns out to be a house given away by Angel's husband's boss.
8 Dec. 1960
The Driving Lesson
The strain of teaching Angel to drive his new convertible becomes too much for her husband, so Angel's friend Susie takes over as instructor.
5 Jan. 1961
The Goat Dog
The "goat dog" is an animal that enjoys eating lawns, clothes, and furniture. He arrives as a wedding gift for Angel just as her neighbors are feuding over property development.
6 Apr. 1961
The Dentist
Angel is beside herself because her dentist charged her ten dollars whereas he did not even treat her. Sure, she was a bit late but wasn't she a bit scared? What makes her even more furious is that Johnny, her American husband, sides with the dentist under the pretense that a professional man's time is valuable and must be compensated for. The next day, Angel loses patience after being left waiting for an hour. People are coming for dinner and she has many things to do. As she thinks HER time is precious as well she decides to charge Dr.Mathews ten dollars in his turn...
19 Apr. 1961
Unpopular Mechanics
Angel and Susie go out to inspect Mr. Johnson's new imported sports car, a "Buckingham", that cost a fortune, and which he's devoted to. They foolishly start tinkering with the motor until it's an incomprehensible mess. When Johnson comes around to get it, he's accidentally slipped tranquilizers in his coffee.

 Season 1 

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