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Sexy drifter comes to town a la "Picnic"
tfennelly27 July 2006
Robert Fortier as the macho drifter, Gary Donovan, and Jean Byron, as the small town physician starred in this soap. Dyan Cannon played Lisa Crowder, the spoiled, sexy, Bardot-type, young wife of the town's leading citizen, the handsome, gray-haired millionaire, Loyal Crowder. Loyal and Lisa became separated during the series. He lost all his money and moved into a motel he owned while Lisa set up a dress shop in her house. Meanwhile Gary Donovan and "Doctor Kit" fell in love. She was reluctant to marry him because she couldn't have children. After the series was canceled, Jean Byron got to play Patty Duke's mother on "The Patty Duke Show". Amzie Strickland, who played a mature townswoman named Beth became a regular on the Bob Newhart Show. Robert Fortier did not go onto the high-profile career I thought he deserved. And what ever happened to Dyan Cannon? Some dude named Cary Grant saw her on "Full Circle" and arranged to meet her.
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