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Season 1

10 Oct. 1960
Klondike Fever
On board a vessel with other miners headed for the Klondike gold fields, Mike Halliday wins a hefty sum Jefferson Durain in a poker game. He out-maneuvers Durain's thugs, but has all his money stolen when Durain's girlfriend slips him a drugged drink. In Skagway, broke and hungover, he's befriended by Kathy O'Hara, Durain's business rival. When Durain's thugs deface Kathy hotel, Mike determines to get his money back form Durain and discourage him from attacking Kathy or her hotel.
24 Oct. 1960
River of Gold
Charley Morrison, an old friend of Kathy O'Hara, convinces Michael to help him search for a lost river of gold marked on a Russian map. While Michael and Charley are digging in the Alaskan hills, Jeff Durain launches his latest scheme to relieve Kathy of her profitable hotel.
31 Oct. 1960
Saints and Stickups
Missionaries inspire the town to build a church --- but when Jeff Durain takes over the Building Fund and uses his henchmen to collect donations, will the church see any of the money?
7 Nov. 1960
The Unexpected Candidate
If Jeff Durain can get himself elected Mayor, the town will be more profitable . . . for him. Michael Halliday can't stand to see him run unopposed, and brings in a surprising last-minute candidate.
16 Jan. 1961
The Golden Burro
Mike is the prime suspect when his gold depository is robbed and the miners and prospectors lose everything they entrusted to him. It takes an unexpected detective to set things straight.
13 Feb. 1961
The Hostages
Renegade Union soldiers attempt to rob the First National Bank of Scagway using a stolen Gatling gun, but only Michael Halliday knows the safe combination.

 Season 1 

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