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Season 10

4 Oct. 1969
The First Meeting
In the season 10 opener, Rob (Don Grady), Katie (Tina Cole) and the triplets have moved into their own place. Katie feels that Steve (Fred MacMurray) needs a woman in his life, so she arranges a blind date, Millicent Sawyer (Elaine Devry), for him. Meanwhile, Ernie (Barry Livingston) has a problem in school so his dad has to meet with his teacher, Barbara Harper (Beverly Garland). Rob and Katie are worried how to break it to Steve that his blind date, Millicent, isn't interested in him, but Steve has already become smitten with Ernie's teacher, Barbara.
11 Oct. 1969
Instant Co-Worker
Steve's romance with Barbara continues and despite his father's efforts not to recommend him (to avoid the appearance of nepotism), Robbie is offered a job as a structural engineer at his father's firm. He tries to talk it over with his father, who is head over heels in a very engrossing friendship and cannot be reached.
18 Oct. 1969
Is It Love?
The family is delighted when the romance between Steve (Fred MacMurray) and Barbara (Beverly Garland) blossoms. Steve and Barbara are both anxious to declare their love to each other.
25 Oct. 1969
A Ring for Barbara
Steve (Fred MacMurray) has bought a ring and is ready to propose to Barbara Harper (Beverly Garland). After making sure his family approves, he tries to find the right moment to pop the question to an unsuspecting Barbara, but the evening is filled with interruptions and complications which lead to a proposal that was not quite how Steve had planned it.
1 Nov. 1969
The Littlest Rebel
Now that Steve (Fred MacMurray) and Barbara (Beverly Garland) are engaged, they just have to learn to adjust to each other's families. Barbara's daughter, Dodie (Dawn Lyn), is not so sure she wants to share her mother.
8 Nov. 1969
Two Weeks to Go
Steve and Barbara plan their wedding to take place in two weeks. She wants a large wedding with a lot of family and friends. Steve is thinking of a simple wedding at the office of a justice of the peace..
15 Nov. 1969
One Week to Go
With the wedding date approaching, tensions arise. Steve and Barbara wonder if they are doing the right thing by rushing into marriage.
22 Nov. 1969
Came the Day
It's Steve and Barbara's wedding day. Not wanting a repeat of what happened before Rob's wedding, the Douglas clan awakes very early and gets dressed, then everyone goes back to sleep. Tramp runs off again and arrives at the wedding as before.
29 Nov. 1969
Mexican Honeymoon
Steve and Barbara arrive in a quaint village in Mexico which Steve had previously visited on a fishing trip. They expect to find the same quiet place Steve remembers and have the place virtually to themselves. They are surprised to find the village has been "put on the map" by a travel magazine and the obscure little hotel, whose name has changed from Moon Hotel to Honeymoon Hotel, is filled to capacity with young newlyweds. The Douglases are continually put upon by the young couples around them for help with everything from homesickness, to settling quarrels to ...
13 Dec. 1969
After You, Alphonse
Katie (Tina Cole) tells Charley (William Demarest) that he has to be more respectful and polite with a new woman in the house. When Steve (Fred MacMurray) and Barbara (Beverly Garland) arrive back home from their honeymoon, both are puzzled by the change in Charley's personality.
20 Dec. 1969
Rough on Dodie
The Douglas household adjusts to having a young girl in the house, and Dodie (Dawn Lyn) learns living with big brothers and a gruff uncle can be rough.
27 Dec. 1969
Silver Threads
Katie (Tina Cole) finds a few gray hairs on her head and tells Robbie (Don Grady) they have to plan for their retirement and set up their wills; Dodie (Dawn Lyn) is worried about going from the first grade to the second grade.
3 Jan. 1970
It's a Woman's World
The women in the family seem to have a way of getting the men to do the things they want. When Steve has to take part in a play at Dodie's school, Robbie thinks it shows that women are born with the skill.
10 Jan. 1970
Table for Eight
Barbara plans her first dinner party for Steve and his business associates. Everything seems to go wrong.
17 Jan. 1970
Double Jealousy
A sultry secretary (Brenda Benet) causes jealousy among the Douglas women, and quite a different reaction among the Douglas men.
24 Jan. 1970
Dodie's Tonsils
Dodie has to have her tonsils taken out, and she tells her mother that she wants Steve to stay with her in the hospital overnight. Meanwhile, Robbie and Katie go on a vacation without the triplets.
31 Jan. 1970
Who Is Sylvia?
Sylvia Cannon (Jane Wyman), a former girlfriend of Steve's (Fred MacMurray), comes to visit. Barbara (Beverly Garland) gets jealous.
7 Feb. 1970
You Can't Go Home
Rob gets invited to an old friend's wedding back in Bryant Park and takes Katie with him, hoping to introduce her to other people he knew as well. Much to his surprise, virtually no one else remembers him.
14 Feb. 1970
Guest in the House
Barbara feels like a guest in the house when she realizes the boys still go to their father for everything. She is never included. Then, she has to go to school to see Chip's teacher when he is accused of cheating on a test.
21 Feb. 1970
Charley's Cello
Charley joins in a string quartet and plays his cello.
28 Feb. 1970
The Honeymoon Is Over
Both Steve & Robbie have been working long hours at work. Their wives feel sorry for them since they come home tired at the end of each day. One day, Barbara & Katie decide to surprise them at work, but find them partying instead of working
7 Mar. 1970
Baubles, Bangles, and Beatrice
It's school problems for everyone. Barbara becomes a substitute teacher for Chip's class, and he is the smartest student. Ernie is followed by Beatrice (Victoria Paige Meyerink), one of Dodie's friends from school with a case of puppy love.
14 Mar. 1970
Mister X
Barbara's former father-in-law (Lew Ayres) visits the Douglas family, and seems to be a man of mystery.
21 Mar. 1970
Dodie's Dilemma
Steve (Fred MacMurray) formally adopts Dodie (Dawn Lyn), who enlists the aid of Chip (Stanley Livingston) and Ernie (Barry Livingston), after being harassed in school by a mean-spirited girl (Erin Moran).
28 Mar. 1970
Love Thy Neighbor
Rob and Katie don't exactly hit it off right away with their new neighbors.
4 Apr. 1970
J.P. Douglas
Chip decides he wants to become a rich man early in life, so he takes on three different jobs. While he is earning money, his expenses are high.

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