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Season 1

13 Nov. 1960
The Doll in the Bathtub
An undiscovered Hollywood actress fakes a suicide to get publicity.
18 Dec. 1960
How to Lose a Girl
Larsen threatens to replace Paul's comic strip with a new one, 'Bachelor Girl', drawn by the charming Betty Boyden. The only way to remove this threat to his livelihood is to get Betty married - but Paul's alarm is increased when he finds that the man in Betty's cartoons bears a strong resemblance to himself.
1 Jan. 1961
Portia Go Home
Paul is sued by a woman who claims that she is the inspiration for the heroine in his comic strip. His defense is handled by a beautiful young attorney who just graduated from Harvard.
19 Feb. 1961
Me and My Shadow
Concerned that some of Paul's escapades could lead to a fatal accident - thus ending the most popular strip in his syndication stable - John decides to insure Paul's life for a substantial amount of money. As a backup plan he arranges for another cartoonist to take over the strip in case of a less permanent injury, much to Paul's disgust.
30 Apr. 1961
The Invitation
John asks Paul and Pete for a big favor - allow him to use their apartment to impress an Indian maharani so that she will give him the contract to write her memoirs.

 Season 1 

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