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Above average spy flick
JohnSeal28 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
With apologies to contributor 'petropolisy', It Means That Much to Me is overdue for another review. Here it is. This is an above average Eddie Constantine effort, with the handsome expatriate once again channeling his Lemmy Caution character (a trench-coat wearing ladies man) as journalist Eddie McAvoy, here mixed up in government subterfuge involving top secret photographs. Constantine was a limited actor, but like other limited actors (Clint Eastwood, Jason Statham) he wisely stuck to the template throughout his career and made it work; he's as enjoyable here as ever. With a big assist from cinematographer Michel Kelber, director Pierre Grimblat shows flair behind the camera and there's a decent score by Michel Legrand. All of Constantine's '50s and '60s films are worth watching, and all are badly in need of digital upgrades, but even if you can only scope this one out on VHS you won't be disappointed.
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Me faire ça à moi
petropolisy21 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I do this to me, is a spy movie, film noir it is worth seeing we often think things that happened in the past do not repeat but more because we do not see the pattern. The pattern in this case is that spying is corrupt it is not done for good reasons it is not done for protecting but rather service to the powerful and corrupt. So why try to dig up a copy of I do this to me and then learn French, the only reason that you are reading this is because you like F. T or have read the novel here is a outline Eddie Constantine stars as a reporter mixed up in the spy world in this routine espionage actioner by first-time director Pierre Grasset. After taking some illicit photos for a new story he is working on, Eddie (Constantine) is coerced into doing a job for the French Secret Service. There is a mole in the French missile sites who is passing on classified information, and Eddie is enlisted as bait to draw the culprit -- or culprits -- out. Along the way, he finds himself running for his life, fighting, and romancing until the final denouement. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi i do this to me, i did this to me, i didn't do this to me
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