The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (1960) Poster

Christopher Lee: Paul Allen



  • Dr. Henry Jekyll : [Thunderstruck by the sensual beauty of the scantily clad exotic dancer]  A tigress!

    Paul Allen : [Detached]  Tigers needn't lick their lips over her unless they're very rich.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll : Is she so exclusive?

    Paul Allen : Only princes, pashes, millionaires, or distinguished actor/managers need apply.

    [Aware of Hyde's fascination with the dancer as she continues her routine which climaxes with her putting the snake's head in her mouth] 

    Paul Allen : Forget it, John boy. She's not in the prep school class. Believe me, I've tried.

  • Paul Allen : [as the scantily clad Maria walks by their table going to her dressing room]  Ah, Maria! The unattainable Eve with her apples and snakes.

    Maria : [Politely]  It's a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Allen.

    Paul Allen : You have a new admirer, my dear, Mr. Edward Hyde.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll : [Obviously attracted to her]  Enchanted! My sincere compliments.

    Maria : You are most kind, Mr. Hyde.

    Paul Allen : Such natural manners. She only uses Christian names in bed.

    [Insulted, Maria throws a drink from the table in his face] 

  • Clubman : Damn bad luck you have been having, I hear, Allen, old man.

    Paul Allen : Damn bad luck.

    Clubman : Oh, well. Luck's a bitch, old boy


    Clubman : .

    Paul Allen : I shouldn't think so... Always have the best possible luck with bitches. Almost always, anyway.

    Clubman : [laughs heartily]  Well I'm swill.

    [drinks and walks way] 

  • Paul Allen : I don't deserve you Kitty.

    Kitty Jekyll : You don't. But I deserve you. I deserve nothing better than you.

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll : [as Hyde]  What are you in for?

    Paul Allen : About 2000 pounds.

    Dr. Henry Jekyll : Sell your soul.

    Paul Allen : Gladly. No Takers.

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