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Season 5

13 Sep. 1965
Who's in Charge Here?
When George and Dorothy move to Baghdad to work on one of Mr. Griffin's oil deals, Hazel and Harold move in with George's brother Steve, his wife Barbara, and their daughter Suzy.
20 Sep. 1965
Hazel's Second Week
With Hazel taking over the housekeeping, Barbara feels left out.
27 Sep. 1965
How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Minutes
Wanting to earn extra money to pay for a weight loss course, Hazel sells real estate for Steve.
11 Oct. 1965
Do Not Disturb Occupants
The Baxters sell their house and soon have sellers remorse.
18 Oct. 1965
The Holdout
After a widow sells her house to Steve's client, it's found out that she's been swindled, so it's up to Hazel to save the day.
25 Oct. 1965
A-Haunting We Will Go
Steve is sued for selling a haunted house to a client, until Hazel comes to the rescue.
1 Nov. 1965
Hazel Needs a Car
After Steve refuses to lend Hazel the money to buy a car, she goes into the fish breeding business to raise the money.
8 Nov. 1965
Hazel Sits It Out
Steve has plans to take Susie and Harold fishing. One of his real estate clients arrives at the house and tells Steve he has to find an agent to hold an open house at one of his homes. Hazel sits in as a real estate agent.
15 Nov. 1965
A Lot to Remember
Hazel and Barbara go to a land auction. Hazel gets caught up in bidding and wins a plot of land for a few hundred. When she tells Steve which lot she purchased, she finds out it is a small strip of land, just about worth nothing.
22 Nov. 1965
A Bull's Eye for Cupid
The Baxters spend their wedding anniversary on a fishing trip.
29 Nov. 1965
The Crush
Millie has a crush on Steve.
6 Dec. 1965
Kindly Advise
Suzy is unhappy when Barbara enrolls her in charm school, at Deirdre's insistence.
13 Dec. 1965
Noblesse Oblige
Hazel runs afoul of a wealthy woman and befriends her husband.
27 Dec. 1965
Hazel's Endearing Young Charms
After Hazel keeps bragging about the success of his brother, Steve gets an inferiority complex.
3 Jan. 1966
A Car Named Chrysanthemum
Hazel buys a 1930 Model A in need of a lot of work, much to Steve's dismay.
10 Jan. 1966
Once an Actor
Barbara's uncle visits. He is once-famous actor, out of work and money. Hazel and Barbara convince Steve to hire him at the real estate office. A few bad deals turn into successes. Also, he gets a call for Hollywood for a part in a show.
17 Jan. 1966
$285 by Saturday
Hazel is collecting musical instruments to send to George & Dorothy for a missionary school. She also holds a fund-raiser for enough money to buy an organ.
24 Jan. 1966
Boom or Bust
Steve puts the household on a budget.
31 Jan. 1966
Harold's Gift Horses
Harold's teacher and Steve's client compete for Harold's affection.
7 Feb. 1966
How to Find Work Without Really Trying
After winning dinner for two in a contest, Hazel selects a complete stranger as her dinner companion.
14 Feb. 1966
My Son, the Sheepdog
Hoping to win a TV show contest, Harold starts his own rock band.
21 Feb. 1966
Please Don't Shout
Steve has a difficult house to sell because it is located next to a busy, and noisy, highway. Hazel finds the perfect couple to buy the house - they are hard of hearing.
28 Feb. 1966
But Is It Art?
Hazel mistakes a famous artist for the man she hired to come and paint her room.
7 Mar. 1966
Who Can Afford a Bargain?
Fred and Mona Williams consider buying a house from Steve, which results in them having a fight.
14 Mar. 1966
Hazel's Free Enterprise
Hazel sells her chili sauce to a supermarket to earn money for Steve's birthday gift.
21 Mar. 1966
Bee in Her Bonnet
Steve impresses a wealthy client with his good deed.
28 Mar. 1966
The Perfect Boss
Hazel writes an essay about Steve for a newspaper contest.
4 Apr. 1966
A Little Bit of Genius
When Harold's friend Jeff is put in an advanced class at school, a rift develops between them.
11 Apr. 1966
A Question of Ethics
Steve gets into trouble with the real estate association after Hazel gives some bad advice to her friends.

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