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Season 4

27 Sep. 1964
Joey Goes to CBS
After Joey's show is canceled, his wife and friends attempt to cheer him up but do a terrible job. After three weeks Joey starts to get depressed but then he receives a very welcome phone call from CBS.
4 Oct. 1964
Joey the Patient
Ellie again summons Joey Jr's pediatrician and while he's at the apartment Dr. Fisher becomes concerned about Joey Sr's throat. Suddenly it's the father in a hospital about to have surgery.
11 Oct. 1964
Joey vs. Oscar Levant
Everyone in the apartment building is trying to avoid Oscar Levant due to his non-stop complaining. Naturally Ellie invites him him to stay for a few days without asking Joey. Joey tries to be a good host but really wants to tell Oscar off.
18 Oct. 1964
Joey and Larry Split
Joey forgets to wish Larry's new girlfriend Marlene happy birthday and she ends the relationship. Larry doesn't feel Joey is apologetic enough and decides to terminate their long association. Ellie tries to fix things.
25 Oct. 1964
In This Corner, Jan Murray
Joey and Jan plan on doing a fake boxing match for the TV show but Larry gets things mixed up and both men start training for a real fight.
1 Nov. 1964
The Nielsen Box
After Joey tells jokes about Hilda one night, another of their little feuds erupts. When Hilda calls a TV installer, Larry and Joey believe she is now a Nielsen viewer and try to make amends so she will watch their show.
8 Nov. 1964
You're What, Again?
Ellie is expecting another baby but is afraid to tell Joey because of how he reacted during her first pregnancy. Joey though misinterprets and thinks Ellie has fallen out of love with him. They avoid speaking up so the misunderstandings continue.
15 Nov. 1964
Joey Goes to a Poker Party
Joey has been sticking close to home during Ellie's pregnancy but is persuaded to go out for an evening. When his poker game lasts all night, he tries to fool Ellie by changing the clocks but she turns the tables on him.
22 Nov. 1964
The Perfect Girl
Joey and Ellie are host to an attractive young woman Liz and Larry becones smitten after a few dates with her. The committed bachelor becomes wary that she has marriage in mind and convinces Joey to help him break up with Liz. Ellie has ideas of her own.
29 Nov. 1964
Joey's Courtship
Joey gives Larry some advice about how to conduct his love life, and describes how smoothly his courtship of Ellie had been, how simple and uncomplicated it was, though it turns out Ellie feels cheated, and wanted so much more to indicate the strength of Joey's affection, making life hard for Joey.
6 Dec. 1964
Ellie Goes to Court
Ellie gets a ticket for an illegal left turn and decides to fight it in court against Joey's advice. During the trial Joey is accused of fighting the charge for publicity and Ellie comes to his defense.
13 Dec. 1964
Jillson's Toupee
After seeing the abuse Jillson gets for his baldness, Joey decides to buy him a hairpiece. Soon the other residents of the apartment building are trying to get Jillson fired because he spends all his time fixing his toupee and not doing his job.
29 Dec. 1964
A Hobby for Ellie
Joey doesn't want Ellie doing any housework while she is pregnant and encourages her to take up a hobby to occupy her time. But it's Joey and Larry who start creating art, turning it in a destructive competition.
5 Jan. 1965
Rusty Arrives
Rusty Hamer , who played Rusty Williams on The Danny Thomas Show (1953) (AKA "The Danny Thomas Show"), plays the same character who is now a college student and comes to stay with the Barnes family for a while in the first of three guest appearances. The Barnes brace themselves for the arrival of their young house guest, and are astonished when he behaves himself like a perfect young gentleman.
12 Jan. 1965
The Weed City Story
Joey and Larry head out of town for a short golf outing and make an error in stopping in a small hamlet. Tom Weed recognizes Joey as a celebrity and keeps coming up with schemes to keep him in town for a ceremony on Saturday.
19 Jan. 1965
Rusty's Education
Rusty Hamer, who played Rusty Williams on The Danny Thomas Show (1953) (AKA "The Danny Thomas Show"), plays the same character who is now a college student and comes to stay with the Barnes family for a while in the final of three guest appearances. Joey is stuck for answers to the questions of his collegiate house guest Rusty until Larry comes up with help in the form of a convicted bookie with a photographic mind who memorized everything he read as a prison librarian.
26 Jan. 1965
The Sultan's Gift
The State Department asks Joey to perform for a visiting Sultan and after the potentate enjoys what he sees, he gifts Joey two harem girls. Ellie is dismayed but the government says they must keep them to help with foreign relations.
2 Feb. 1965
Joey Entertains Rusty's Fraternity
Rusty Hamer, who played Rusty Williams on The Danny Thomas Show (1953) (AKA "The Danny Thomas Show"), plays the same character who is now a college student and comes to stay with the Barnes family for a while in the second of three guest appearances. Joey and three of his no-good pals help Rusty and his fellow pledges carry out a most unusual fraternity initiation stunt.
9 Feb. 1965
The Do-It-Yourself Nursery
Ellie has rehired temperamental Krupnik to redo the nursery and Ellie has promised to keep Joey away. When she fails, Krupnik storms out and Joey decides to finish the nursery with Larry's help.
16 Feb. 1965
The Sergeant's Testimonial
Joey is asked to give a glowing testimonial to a sergeant who made his life miserable while he was in the army. After Joey refuses to attend the reunion, his friends recall the moments of conflict between the two men.
23 Feb. 1965
Joey Changes Larry's Luck
Larry's run of bad luck has shaken his confidence so Joey talks the guys into letting Larry win at poker. Larry, feeling reassured, starts taking wild chances and Joey must tell him the truth.
2 Mar. 1965
Never Put It in Writing
After many years of service, Joey decides to give Larry his own office. He also hires an additional writer to assist Larry with the weekly banter. The new hire makes Larry feel insecure, which brings to light the fact that he and Joey have never had a written contract between them in the 15 years they have been working together.
9 Mar. 1965
Larry's Habit
With Ellie away, Larry comes to stay with Joey. When Joey begins exhibiting eccentric behaviors, Larry jumps to the conclusion that Joey is reverting to childhood. Larry engages a psychiatrist to pose as a reporter to surreptitiously examine an unsuspecting Joey. When Joey learns the truth, he turns the tables on both of them by pretending to have symptoms of mental illness.
16 Mar. 1965
Joey the Star Maker
Joey over praises Dorothy Miller's performance in an amateur theatrical so her husband Art asks Joey to put her in his show. Joey obliges, casting her as a scrub woman but everything goes wrong from there.
23 Mar. 1965
What'll You Have?
Larry is cooking Italian for Joey's dinner party. The party breaks into an argument over the baby, Ellie wants a girl this time, Between the son-of-a-guns and oh-brothers, the men are getting in deeper and deeper.
30 Mar. 1965
Joey Discovers Jackie Clark
Joey has a young comedian Jackie on his show and everyone raves about him, Joey gets him a regular gig at a big club. But Jackie's mother objects to his being in show business so everyone must work to get her to change her mind.

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