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Very disappointing
cynthiahost1 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was shot a year after the golden age of German film making ended, which was from 1913 to 1960. Why did they take this classic from 1947 and used it as a Conny Froebose vehicle I'll never know.They were attempting to cash in on the success of the 1947 version. So to get you to remember,they got the original actress, Waltraut Haas who played Mariandl in the 1947 , to play Marianne MuhlHuber, the mother of 18 year old daughter Mariandl, played by Conny Froebose,Who works for the government but also haves talent on the side and works on it too.Waltraut was only in her thirties when she did this picture. She's a bit young to play Froeboses mother. She would of had to have her when she was 16 years old, The first Mariandl character had her child in 47 so she's be 14 by 61.They eliminated Mayor Mathias and instead put Gunther Philips who plays baron Gustl Pfuller who sneaks in contraband.Peter Weck who plays the same role as Hans Moser did in the original version except he is now The secretary of Councilor Geiger , Now played by Rudolph Prack. Hans Moser is now playing Old sarcastic Grandpa.Plot Marianne is having problems with her restaurant and bar and Inn. In Salzburg? Hans Moser ,her father, doesn't act sarcastic as Joseph Egger is in the original version, try to give her advice.The baron is interested in her,played by Gunther, so she feels that if she married him the place can be saved. Well From Weck, the Prack version of Geiger finds out about his ex girl friend and how she runs a food and spirits and inn place and his daughter. Prack this time plays the piano singing Mariandl to his House keeper and cook.Well in the city Peter meets Froebose working in the state too. He doesn't know she's his bosses daughter.Well Weck goes to Salzburg possibly to check the place to make room for Prack to show up.By the time Prack shows up ,oops! I almost forgot and already talked to Mariandl in the city without letting her know he's her father. They go out to and have drink. Peter shows up and they join him. Then she sings the title of the movie. Back to Salzburg, He's informed by the waitress of her inn that she's in church ,Marianne. When he shows up in church, Mariandl is playing the organ. You see Marianne going in church and Gunther sitting on the opposite. As Prack goes in he hears the priest announcing the engagement as he see her on the Seats.So he's discouraged. Later Peter tells Mariandl that he can't stay at the inn. She feels disappointed. so He can go to this other hotel and disguised his voice as Gunther to convinced Marianne that he can't show up, aka Gunther. Then later as Prack and Marianne for the first in in years, Peter is encourage to stay.She beg him not to tell her yet that he' s her father.out of a mistake she sees her daughter and Prack together and thinks that he told her. She accidentally opens her mouth and Mariandle find out from her mother, She's happy so she tries to get them back together.They eventually get married, Marianne and Gieger, buts that not the end of this remake it get's worse
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