The Misfits (1961) Poster


Montgomery Clift: Perce Howland



  • Perce : So what I want to know... what I want to know is: who do you depend on?

    Roslyn : I don't know. Maybe all there really is is just the next thing. The next thing that happens. Maybe you're not supposed to remember anybody's promises.

  • Perce : How come you got such trust in your eyes?

    Roslyn : I do?

    Perce : Like you was just born.

  • Perce : Do you belong to Gay?

    Roslyn : I don't know where I belong.

  • Gay : I hope your sober.

    Perce : Man I have won buckets of money in towns I couldn't even remember the names of!

  • Guido : What kind of dancin' you do?

    Roslyn : Oh, interpretive dancing. You know, nightclubs and that sort of thing.

    Perce : I was in a nightclub once. I was in a nightclub in Kansas City called: The Naked Truth. And they wasn't kiddin'!

  • Perce : Hey go in there and get me a bottle of whiskey to keep me primed for the rodeo

  • Perce : I don't like to see the way they grind up women around here. Although, I guess, a lot of them don't mind, do they?

    Roslyn : Some do.

    Perce : Don't you, don't you let them grind you up here.

  • Guido : That star is so far away, that by the time the light from it reaches us here on earth, it might not even be up there any more.

    Perce : Boy, you sure know a lot, don't you Pilot.

    Guido : Astronomy is in all the library books, Perce. Nothin' to it but readin'.

    Roslyn : Still, it's wonderful to know things.

    Guido : Knowing things don't matter much. You got somethin' a lot more important.

    Roslyn : What?

    Guido : You care. Whatever happens to anybody, it happens to you. You're really hooked into the whole thing, Roslyn. It's a blessing.

    Roslyn : People say I'm just nervous.

  • Gay : It's better than wages, ain't it? - - I said it's better than wages, ain't it?

    Perce : Sure, anything's better than wages.

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