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4 Jan. 1966
Fire in the Liquor Locker
Gruber and the guys find a way to both make and deliver their homemade liquor when they build a mobile distillery in an old fire engine. But their scheme goes sour, when Binghamton confiscates the old engine for the new Voltafiore Volunteer Fire Department, formed as a part of his new civic improvement program.
11 Jan. 1966
The Fugitive Ensign
Parker takes it on the lam, after an accident with a machine gun has him thinking that he's killed The Captain. After the furious Binghamton orders an all-out search for Parker, and offers a sizeable reward for his capture, McHale and The Boys must first find him, then cook up a complicated plan, to get him out of trouble.
18 Jan. 1966
The Wacky WAC
After Binghamton arrests an AWOL WAC Corporal and jails her on suspicion of espionage, Parker must play the part of a WAC MP, as part of McHale's plan to free her, and reunite her with her boyfriend, before her unit ships out to North Africa.
25 Jan. 1966
La Dolce 73
Binghamton devises a scheme to make McHale and the 73 Crew look bad in the eyes of a visiting Congresswoman. But, after McHale and the guys scheme their way out of the jam, Binghamton must then cooperate with them, in order to get himself out of a tough situation with the Congresswoman, and get back at Harrigan, at the same time.
8 Feb. 1966
McHale's Country Club Caper
When Binghamton loses $1000 of Navy money to an Italian con man, for the construction of a new golf course, he enlists the aid of McHale and the 73 Crew in not only getting the money back, but making a fool out of Colonel Harrigan, as well.
15 Feb. 1966
Secret Chimp 007
After learning that German spies are operating in the area, Binghamton arrests McHale and Parker for espionage, thinking that they are working with a mischievous monkey, who has stolen an important document.
22 Feb. 1966
A regulation-quoting lady Ensign tries to help McHale and the Crew make some much-needed money, by providing the participants for a beauty contest, and winds up helping them bag a German submarine, in the bargain.
1 Mar. 1966
My Son, the Skipper
Thinking that McHale has been shipped out, and fed up with the power-drunk Parker, Gruber, Virgil, Tinker, Christy, and Willy, all put in for transfers. But, when they find out that McHale's absence is only temporary, Parker and the Crew must come up with a plan to get The Captain to tear up the transfer papers.
8 Mar. 1966
Little Red Riding Doctor
In the midst of the town's 500th anniversary celebration, Binghamton tries to arrange to have a visiting Psychiatrist declare the 73 Crew unfit for duty, forcing the newly-crowned 'King Of The Festival' to come up with a plan to keep his Crew together, and turn the tables on The Captain.
15 Mar. 1966
Who Was That German I Saw You With?
During an attempt to impress a famous War Correspondent, Binghamton is taken prisoner by a German patrol, who have disguised themselves as American Sailors. After Parker is also captured, McHale and the guys come to the rescue, and wind up having their picture on the cover of a popular magazine.
22 Mar. 1966
The McHale Grand Prix
McHale and the Crew have a jeep that needs an engine; A local race driver has an engine that needs a car; The Army wants to get hold of one of the Germans' new staff cars - And all 3 are accomplished during the town's annual Grand Prix auto race.
29 Mar. 1966
An Ensign's Best Friend
Concerned about Parker's unusual behavior, McHale and the guys investigate his situation, and are a bit shocked, when they find that he's involved with a cute young thing named Angelina, who happens to be in a family way.
5 Apr. 1966
Binghamton at 20 Paces
A trigger-happy Italian Count challenges Parker to a duel, and, while McHale and the guys try to help him out of the situation, Binghamton tries to use it as a way to get rid of both Parker and McHale.
12 Apr. 1966
Wally for Congress
A big-shot Washington Political Boss - With a reputation for turning war heroes into politicians - Is about to pay a visit, and Binghamton must quickly change from a 'desk jockey', into a fearless, battle-hardened Commander in order to try to become the Boss's next project, after the war.

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