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6 Aug. 1967
The Queen's Ransom
In Monte Carlo, the Saint saves the life of Fallouda, former king of Fedyra. Fallouda tells Templar of his plan to return to the throne, raising the needed money by selling the jewellery of his wife, London-born Queen Adana. The king asks Templar to accompany the Queen to Zurich to get the jewels. Soon, Simon and Adana set out on the journey, but their car breaks down, and someone's out to stop them. Will Templar be able to deliver the jewels?
6 Jun. 1969
Interlude in Venice
In Venice, the Saint comes to the aid of Cathy Allardyce when she's found next to the dead body of the destitute Prince Ubaldo. He'd been secretly financially supported by 'Foots' Fortunati, a gangster who'd been using the Prince in several cons against wealthy women. Now Fortunati's out for revenge, because he holds Cathy's father, John, responsible for his brother's death. Templar sets out to save Cathy and her family, and stop Fortunati.
13 Aug. 1967
The Russian Prisoner
Whilst on holiday in Switzerland, the Saint's approached by Irma Jorovitch, a young woman, who says she'd been raised in Sweden by her mother, at the behest of her father, a Russian professor. He's just arrived in Geneva, to attend a conference, and is anxious to defect to the West. The professor's being held prisoner in a chateau by Soviet security agents, and Irma begs Simon to free him. A plot is hatched, but inevitably, not all is what it seems to be.
13 Jun. 1969
The Reluctant Revolution
The Saint's in the banana republic of San Pablo where a girl called Diane tries to shoot Victor Lawrence, principal advisor to President Alvarez. Templar whisks her away from the police, and she tells him that Lawrence is a fraud, using an assumed name. He stole money from her father's business, and her father was charged, and now is dying in prison. Simon and Diane join forces and Templar goes to the president and confronts him with Lawrence's real identity and the fact he's an opportunist with no political loyalties. But now, he doesn't know if Alvarez is also a con...
23 May 1969
The Helpful Pirate
On behalf of British Intelligence, the Saint journeys to Hamburg to find professor Roeding, a scientist who's at the forefront of laser technnology. After ringing his daughter, saying he was on the 'verge of making a fortune', the professor simply vanished . Whilst Templar searches for the professor, he's locked up, being offered for sale to the highest bidder.
4 Nov. 1966
The Convenient Monster
A man and a dog are both killed by the shores of Loch Ness by what would appear to have been the monster.
28 May 1967
The Angel's Eye
Lord Cranmore, an aristocrat on his financial uppers, is anxious to sell a family diamond, and Templar rides shotgun when Cranmore's employee, Tom Upwater and his daughter Mabel go to Amsterdam to have the diamond cut. Tom delivers it to a jeweller whilst Simon entertains Mabel to the sights. Then disaster strikes; Tom tells the Saint the diamond's been stolen whilst the cutter himself denies ever seeing it. Tom prevails upon the Saint to recover the rock, but the Saint's unsure of his true motive.
2 Jul. 1967
The Man Who Liked Lions
In Rome, the Saint's due to meet Tony, a journalist friend anxious to tell him about a man who 'liked lions' but Tony's found dead - stabbed with a knife carved with a lion's head. Claudia, Tony's girlfriend, tells Templar about Tony's diary, which should contain a clue as to the reason for his murder, but other addressees in the diary are also dying off. Who's killing these people - and why?
6 Apr. 1968
The Better Mousetrap
In the South of France, the Saint's become chief suspect following a spate of jewel robberies from the rooms of hotel guests. The actual thieves hope to incriminate Templar by planting some of the loot in his room, but one of them dies. Natalie, whose employer was one of the robbery victims, teams up with Simon to discover the mastermind behind the thefts is not at all whom they expected.
18 Jun. 1967
Little Girl Lost
In Ireland, the Saint rescues a girl called Mildred from thugs. She tells him that she's Hitler's daughter and is being used in a plot to revive the fourth Reich. Sceptical of this yarn, Templar discovers she's the daughter of the wealthy Eugene Drew, and is running away to elope with a young man of whom her father disapproves. The 2 thugs are, in fact, private detectives employed by Drew, but when they take Mildred hostage and demand a ransom from him. Simon's uncertain as to who's telling the truth.
30 May 1969
Paper Chase
Simon goes to East Germany to bring back a defector who's planning to trade a list of secret agents in return for the life of his father.
16 Jul. 1967
Locate and Destroy
Simon Templar decides to aid Israeli operatives in the capture of an escaped Nazi war criminal.
25 Jun. 1967
Flight Plan
The Osprey is a new experimental plane and was being test-flown by Flight Lieutenant Mike Gregory until his recent court-martial. Now Middle Eastern agents are using Mike to steal the plane, kidnapping his sister Diane. Having rescued Diane, the Saint goes after Mike, getting himself parachuted into unknown territory to fly the Osprey home.
9 Jul. 1967
Escape Route
Simon's caught burgling a house by Teal and sentenced to 10 years in Princetown Prison.
27 Apr. 1968
The Persistent Patriots
Having saved the life of the married prime minister of the newly independent former British colony, Jack Liskard, the Saint's called upon again to help Liskard, when he becomes the target of blackmail, over some letters he once wrote to a young woman named Mary. Whilst Mary's happy to be rid of Liskard and return the letters, it seems they've gone missing. Templar receives a call telling him if he wants them, he must rendezvous at an old church. It's a trap, Simon has to find out who's out to destroy Liskard - before it's too late.
4 Jun. 1967
The Fast Women
At Brands Hatch motor racing circuit, the Saint meets Cynthia Quillen and Teresa Montesino, 2 racing drivers who are deadly rivals. Whilst Simon's testing Cynthia's car, he discovers it's been sabotaged. He also intercepts an assassin out to murder Cynthia with a high-powered rifle, but the killer is himself shot before he can tell Templar who wants Cynthia dead.
21 May 1967
The Death Game
One night, the Saint gets himself involved with 'the death game'. It's a cult which has sprung up amongst university students who compete in games with each other. However, after the tutor of some students tells Templar he thinks there's far more sinister purpose to the game, he's killed.
30 Jul. 1967
The Art Collectors
In Paris, the Saint meets Natasha, who says she wishes to sell some priceless paintings. They contact an art dealer. but he's intercepted by phony policemen who tell Natasha Templar's killed the dealer and taken the paintings from her. Though Simon convinces Natasha of his innocence, he has to work hard to hold on to paintings and bring the real killers to justice.
11 Jun. 1967
To Kill a Saint
In Paris, somebody tricks shady nightclub owner, Paul Verrier into believing the Saint's trying to kill him. He hires people to kill Templar, first. A young girl fires blanks at Simon, telling him she wants to get close to Verrier as she believes he killed her father. Who's really behind the attempt on Vernier, and why.
23 Jul. 1967
The Counterfeit Countess
The Saint goes to investigate a plane crash in an English field. The pilot's disappeared, leaving large amounts of forged bank notes. Templar tracks down the pilot's home, only to f discovery the man's been killed. Simon locates the dead man's fiancée in Paris. Various clues lead Templar to the villa of a countess, who's not only a counterfeiter but something of a counterfeit herself.
9 May 1969
Simon and Delilah
Temperamental film star Serena Harris's kidnapped from the Roman set of an epic which she's starring as Delilah. Thougjy the Saint manages to locate her, given her unpopularity, he's a large number of suspects to choose from as the instigator of her abduction.
7 Apr. 1967
Island of Chance
Simon arrives at the Caribbean at the request of a friend who is killed before he can explain why he needs to see him.
30 Mar. 1968
The Gadget Lovers
Simon is assigned to protect Russian colonel Smolenko following the deaths of several Soviet agents.
24 Feb. 1968
A Double in Diamonds
A highly valuable necklace is stolen from Lord Gillingham by his secretary Kate, who kills the jeweler in the process.
9 Mar. 1968
The Power Artists
Simon is framed for the murder of a young sculptor named Loudon.
16 Mar. 1968
When Spring Is Sprung
The Saint's approached by British intelligence, learning that the Russians are planning to free their spy, John Spring when he appears at court. Spring is really a double agent and Simon's asked to ensure he eludes the Russians. At the same time Spring's wife comes to see Templar, offering money to help her husband escape. The plan goes ahead and Sinon and Joanne get Spring away to safety. However, Templar's not convinced all parties are telling the truth and carries on with his own investigation.
28 Mar. 1968
The Gadic Collection
The Gadic collection forms the priceless centrepiece of an art exhibition at the Silbakin Museum in Turkey, and several groups of people want it. Most notably, the wealthy local art collector, Turin, who's certain the Saint's taken the collection. In an effort to obtain it for himself and discover its whereabouts, he imprisons Templar. Once again, Simon must extricate himself from a near-death situation to discover who really stole the Gadic collection.

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