The Chapman Report (1962) Poster

Claire Bloom: Naomi Shields



  • Naomi Shields : Feed the dog...

  • Naomi Shields : Pretty cocky, aren't you?

  • Paul Radford : What about your early teens?

    Naomi Shields : Teens? I engaged in lovemaking during my early teens.

    Paul Radford : And from then until you were married?

    Naomi Shields : Many.

  • Naomi Shields : Time for a drink!

    Paul Radford : Would you like coffee? Tea?

    Naomi Shields : Gin!

  • Naomi Shields : With your experience in this kind of work, can you tell by just looking at me, can you tell what a woman's like by just looking at her?

    Paul Radford : I don't think so.

    Naomi Shields : I mean about, what you call, I suppose, her appetites?

    Paul Radford : No.

    Naomi Shields : Look at me! It must show! A man, a musician, came to the door the other day. He looked. He knew.

  • Paul Radford : During your marital years...

    Naomi Shields : Often.

    Paul Radford : Often, what?

    Naomi Shields : Often. I cheated on my husband. I know I shouldn't have done. But, I did. He was kind. He was honest. He was loving. And I really wanted him; but, I wanted everyone else, too.

  • Naomi Shields : Don't go giving me any cheap advice about seeing a psychiatrist. I've had that bit. The only thing I learned was that analysis is no substitute for guts.

  • Naomi Shields : You're not a woman. You don't know what it's like to need love and not to have it. At least, not to have what you need.

  • Naomi Shields : I was discreet. I'd go downtown and I'd pick up someone in a bar or in a movie. At first it was only once or twice a month. I didn't even know their names. I couldn't risk getting involved. Then, it started to get worse. Pretty soon I had nothing else on my mind. I thought I'd go insane.

  • Naomi Shields : I was determined I was going to kill myself. It took a couple of days of drinking to work up the nerve. I drove at top speed through busy intersections and red lights and all I got was a ticket.

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