The Chapman Report (1962) Poster

Glynis Johns: Teresa Harnish



  • Teresa Harnish : What a magnificent animal - All the time, because - Oh, magnificent! Well, look at him showing off his muscles! - All the time, because the dance was long - Look at those long legs! I wonder what sort of girl goes out with him? - I have been faithful to thee - I suspect one of those common girls you see riding on the surf boards. - In my fashion, I have been faithful to thee - You know, he could be quite attractive. He's the kind of man, who needs, who needs a woman to help him. A woman whose better than he is. A woman with taste. A woman whose aware of the beauty. Not me, but, somebody, like me.

  • Teresa Harnish : Darling, have you ever thought of, of joining one of those health clubs? You know, build up the body.

    Geoffrey Harnish : Build up the body?

    Teresa Harnish : Geoffrey, our lives should be richer. We should enjoy our gifts, fully. After all, these are the best years of our lives.

  • Ed Kraski : Do you like a hard bed?

    Teresa Harnish : That's what finished the Romans, you know.

    Ed Kraski : Hard bed?

    Teresa Harnish : Soft beds and hot baths.

    Ed Kraski : Yeah, well, I take cold showers.

  • Teresa Harnish : Ever since the first day I saw you at the beach, in your natural element, I observed the grace of your body and the freedom of your limbs, I've wanted to sketch you as a Greek Olympic hero. Have you ever seen that classical statue of the discus thrower?

    Ed Kraski : No.

    Teresa Harnish : Well, inspired by your body, I feel that I can surpass Myron the Greek. Assume the position.

  • Teresa Harnish : You know, the discus throwers were in the nude, like all the Greek Olympians. And that is how I'd like you to pose.

    Ed Kraski : With nuthin' on?

    Teresa Harnish : In the classical tradition. Now, if you'll get disrobed, I'll be getting ready.

    Ed Kraski : Now, listen lady, you don't expect me to be getting rid of all of my clothes in front of a woman?

    Teresa Harnish : Why, you don't settle for false modesty; after all, this is for art!

  • Teresa Harnish : In your profession, I suppose you must take care of your body.

    Ed Kraski : Like a baby. But, a man has to have one vice.

    [holds up a beer can] 

    Teresa Harnish : Is that your only vice?

    Ed Kraski : Aw, it depends on what you call a vice.

    Teresa Harnish : Oh, female companionship?

    Ed Kraski : Aw, no! Not while I'm in training.

  • Teresa Harnish : You think that I'm too much of a lady to be one of your - well, I am a lady; but, I'm also a woman.

  • Teresa Harnish : I want - You to know, the first time I saw you, I fought the feeling inside of me. I knew that I was enamored of you. Foolishly, so. But, women in love are foolish. And now, I just want your love. Do you want to kiss me, Ed? Kiss me, Eddie! You might enjoy it!

    Ed Kraski : Well, beat my teeth! Jackie said!

    Teresa Harnish : He said what, Ed?

    Ed Kraski : Why, he had a hunch!

    Teresa Harnish : Yes?

    Ed Kraski : He said, "Boy, there's a lot of pepper in that Tomata!"

    Teresa Harnish : And do you like pepper, Ed?

    Ed Kraski : I do. Are you ready?

    Teresa Harnish : Oh, so ready!

  • Teresa Harnish : Things like this should be done - things like this should take time! You can't just toss me about like a football! I - I admire your strength and recklessness and - Ed, ouch! - Really, you must listen to reason. Things like this could be beaut - beautiful! No, Ed. Stop it! Well, for heaven's sake.

  • Teresa Harnish : Oh, darling!

    Geoffrey Harnish : Yes

    Teresa Harnish : You're wonderful. We haven't missed a thing!

    Geoffrey Harnish : No, I don't think so. We have the ham. We have the flowers.

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