Jack the Giant Killer (1962) Poster

Walter Burke: Garna



  • Garna : Leaving so soon, princess? Why, your voyage has just begun!

  • Garna : Master! Master! Master Pendragon!

    Pendragon : What happened?

    Garna : Calamity, O Prince. Most faithful disaster.

    Pendragon : The princess, where is she?

    Garna : Cormoran is dead, slain by a young farmer. By now, the princess is back in her father's castle.

    Pendragon : Impossible, you're lying!

    Garna : I tell the truth, master, I swear it. He took her from me at the boat, and then kill the giant. I saw him with my own eyes.

    Pendragon : Blundering fool! A fury take you to your torments, all of you!

    [his hands pushes Garna's face] 

    Pendragon : I scheme a thousand nights, put the princess in your very hands and you, imbecile, idiot, allow a mere farmer, a mere mortal to defy me!

    Garna : We have failed, master, we have failed.

    Pendragon : But only for a moment. I shall have the princess and the farmer shall die. By all the powers of darkness, he shall die!

  • [a black bird arriving in Pendragon's castle. Garna is holding a black bird named Gaunt, running to Pendragon and the witches] 

    Garna : Master! Black Prince! Look, it has come from the castle!

    Pendragon : So, you decided to visit us, eh, Gaunt? Bringing a little present.

    [He unrolls the paper and sees the message about sailing] 

    Pendragon : She sails with the morning tide.

    [turns to Tubo] 

    Pendragon : What kind of a voyage is it to be, eh, Tubo? Smooth and tranquil?

    [Tubo and the witches laughing] 

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