Jack the Giant Killer (1962) Poster

Kerwin Mathews: Jack



  • [after he has just killed the giant] 

    Jack : Are you all right?

    Princess Elaine : You've done it. You've killed him.

    Jack : It was nothing. I kill a giant every morning before breakfast. Starts my day right.

  • [Jack is swarmed by well-wishers after being rewarded with a knighthood] 

    Princess Elaine : It's so hot in here. Would you mind escorting me to the terrace?

    Jack : Thank you for rescuing me.

    Princess Elaine : You saved my life, remember?

  • Herald : Hail to Sir Jack! Jack the Giant Killer!

    The Crowd : Hail to Sir Jack! Hail to Sir Jack!

    Princess Elaine : I think my rescuer has acquired a new name.

    [Jack studies the huge medal King Mark gave to him] 

    Jack : I seem to have acquired more than a new name. It is a great honor. I hope I can be worthy of it.

    Princess Elaine : That's my father's way of saying thank you. This is mine.

    [Princess Elaine kisses Jack] 

    Jack : I shall immediately go out and find another giant to slay.

    Princess Elaine : Before breakfast?

  • Boatswain : And where would our royal highness wish us to sail?

    Jack : We're going to save the girl!

    Boatswain : His majesty can have this blasted tub as soon as we're safe ashore at Cornwall. As for me, I'll not sail in the wake of those accursed witches.

  • [while treading water in the ocean, Jack and Peter see a boat] 

    Jack : Ahoy on board!

    Peter : Help!

    Jack : Ahoy!

    Peter : Help!

    Sigurd : Strange fish in the sea today.

  • Pendragon : Welcome to Castle Pendragon.

    Jack : I had a sample of your welcome outside.

    Pendragon : I must compliment you on your valor, young man. First you vanquish Cormoran, my giant, then you found your way to this island - a feat in itself. Just now you lashed out and destroyed my dragon men with your magic whip - a stroke of genius! A real tragedy to have come so far only to suffer failure.

  • [last lines] 

    Peter : She doesn't answer the helm very well.

    Sigurd : She will do to get us back to England.

    Jack : To England... and home.

  • Jack : Listen you men, sail for England and you'll all swing from the gallows. Elaine is the royal princess of Cornwall!

    Boatswain : Aye, and I'm the Caliph of Baghdad.

  • Jack : How do I know I can trust you?

    Pendragon : [held at swordpoint]  Aren't we rather forced to trust each other?

  • [Pendragon sees that the bag is empty, because a bottle of Imp is vanished] 

    Pendragon : Your Imp stands between me and the throne of Cornwall... Where is it?

    Jack : You have great magic powers, find him yourself.

    Pendragon : Yes. I will.

    [slaps him with a bag] 

    Pendragon : Only twice in my existence I have been thwarted, once by Herla the wizard, and this second time by you. Herla is dead.

    Jack : Yes, and I will die too, rather than betray my king.

    Pendragon : I shall hope to make you change your mind.

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