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Achala Sachdev passes away

Bollywood.s quintessential on-screen mother Achala Sachdev, bed ridden for the last six months, has passed away in a hospital here, her physician said Monday. She was 91..Achala Sachdev expired yesterday (Sunday) at 5.30 in the evening at the Poona Hospital. We immediately informed her son who is in the Us. He will be reaching Pune tomorrow (Tuesday),. Vinod Shah, who was treating the actress in Poona Hospital, told us..Achala Sachdev had broken her left leg after a fall in her house six months ago. She also suffered a brain infarction in which she lost her vision and movements of upper and lower limbs,. added Shah.Her funeral will take place Tuesday evening at Vaikunth here after her son Jyotin arrives from the Us.The actress, known for her role in 1965 film Waqt, where she was part of the legendary song Ae meri zohra jabeen underwent surgery 15 days ago and
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Movie Poster of the Week: "The Big Clock"

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At 1:15pm last Friday I abandoned a prime piece of New York real estate. Christian Marclay’s 24-hour installation The Clock had been running for the previous four weeks at the Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea and on Thursday art critic Jerry Saltz had written in New York Magazine’s Vulture about “The Best Movie You Can See in New York (for Two More Days)”, calling it “My nominee for Best Picture of the year — maybe the best picture ever.” After that all bets were off. I arrived at 9:30am on Friday morning for the 10am opening and by the time I’d queued for 40 minutes there were no seats left inside the theater/gallery (the seating was a grid of black Ikea couches) and I had to sit up front on the floor. But within an hour I’d snagged a prime position on the front couch
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Bollywood goes west in Kites, but now let's swap

Brett Ratner has 'remixed' Bollywood melodrama Kites, an idea which could spice up any number of dull movies about India

In the 1990s, Harvey Weinstein rightly took a lot of flak for buying up award-winning foreign movies and recutting them savagely, then releasing them in America as if they were still the same moves. To me this was far more corrupt and dishonest than those cynical old exploitation producers of the 50s who would take a murky Japanese monster movie, add a cheap American actor in newly shot scenes; dub the dialogue into badly synched, poorly written English; cut footage; change the title to Octopus-Robot From Outer Space; and release it in an imaginary, all-new format like "Awesome-Scope!" These guys knew they were trash-merchants, but Weinstein called what he did "art".

Nowadays, the process has been tarted up, made vaguely respectable and is called a "remix". And oddly, I couldn't be happier.
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